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Party Phil
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Appears in

Wii Party, Wii Party U

First Appearance

Intro of the Game

First Message

Hello, and welcome to Wii Party! I'm your charming host, Party Phil!


Party Phil is the host of Wii Party and Wii Party U and is the first character which appears in the game. He will be the one who will help you through some things in the game. He will appear in Board Game Island when he randomizes Minigames which you'll play, and he will be at the end and at the beginning. In Wii Party U, the Minigames are instead hosted by his sister, Party Penny.

Suggestions Button

In both Wii Party and Wii Party U there is a Suggestions button where Party Phil will give suggestions for the player(s) on what game mode to play.

Suggestions Button.png


Party Phil wears a pink hat, has an orange nose, wears a yellow tie, white shirt with a pink coat, black shoes and black pants. He also holds a microphone with a crown on it, and always hold it. He also has black hair, to which cannot be seen unless he gets surprised (Example of this being: Getting a UFO surprise card in Globe Trot, bank getting over 5000 in Spin-Off, etc.).


  • His look is modelled after the Tutes from Wii Music. However, he is the same size as the Miis while the Tutes are smaller.
    • Like the Tutes, he speaks in gibberish.
  • In the European and Japanese versions of Wii Party, his name was Woopy, but was changed back to Party Phil for all versions of Wii Party U.