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The Party Games category in Wii Party consists of 5 game modes that can be played by 1-4 players. These game modes are Board Game Island, Globe Trot, Swap Meet, Spin-Off and Bingo.

Board Game Island

Main article: Board Game Island

A board game in which players roll dice to move along a path toward the top of the island. The order players roll the dice each round is decided by a minigame. Players who come in first, second or third gets a bonus die to roll along with the standard die. The player who reaches the top of the island first is the winner!

Globe Trot

Main article: Globe Trot

Players turn over numbered cards and move the indicated number of spaces. Players win coins in minigames that can be used to purchase vehicle cards to help them advance, or at airports and seaports to travel long distances. When players reach a hot spot, they can purchase a souvenir photo for 10 coins. After 10 turns, overtime begins and the first player to reach a hot spot and take a souvenir photo ends the game. The player who has collected the most souvenir photos and coins at that point is the winner!

Swap Meet

Main article: Swap Meet

Players take turns choosing a Mii from the middle to swap out with a Mii from their area. Players who collect three Mii characters with the same-colored outfits in two different rows win points (various bonuses are possible depending on how Mii characters are matched, so the points players will receive also varies). The player who has the most points after a set number of rounds is the winner!

Spin Off

Main article: Spin-Off

Players take turns spinning a wheel to earn medals. Depending on where the wheel stops, players can win medals, lose medals, or add medals to the bank. Players can also win medals saved up in the bank by winning minigames. After 10 turns, overtime begins, and the game ends after somebody wins a Bank Battle. (After 10 rounds in overtime pass (which happens very rarely), a minigame automatically occurs that will award the remaining medals in the bank.) Once overtime has ended, the player with the most medals is the winner!


Main article: Bingo

Players check off Mii characters on their bingo cards that match Mii balls that drop from the bingo machine. If a minigame ball drops from the bingo machine, players play a minigame and the winner checks off a Mii of his or her choice. The first player to complete a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row gets a bingo and is the winner!

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