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The Pair Games category in Wii Party consists of 3 game modes that can be played by 2 players. These game modes are Friend Connection, Balance Boat and Match-Up. While the latter two can be played by 1 human and 1 CPU player, Friend Connection requires 2 human players with Wii Remotes.

Friend Connection

Main article: Friend Connection

Friend Connection is a short (ca. 5 min) two-player mode that tries to measure the level of connection/relationship between the two participants. It begins with 6 questions that have to be answered independently, and then there is a Pair minigame. A higher number of same answers and a better score in the minigame gives a higher ranking for the pair.

Balance Boat

Main article: Balance Boat

Balance Boat is a two-player cooperation game that has two modes: Double Up and Time Attack.


Main article: Match-Up

Match-Up is a two-player competitive game which tests the players' memory.

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