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Orienteering is an activity in Wii Fit U and is listed under the Aerobic section.

In Orienteering, you walk around with the GamePad and try to find Miis shown in locations shown on the bottom left of the main screen and on the gamepad's screen. You can ask other Miis about the location of the Mii you're looking for by pressing the A button near them, as well as being able to check the map with the Y button on the gamepad screen. When you ask a Mii, they will point in the direction the Mii is. When you get close to the Mii, the border around the picture will glow on the main screen and when you're close enough, you can find them by Pressing A.

In the higher difficulties, the Miis are more spread out and there are more of them to find. To make it fair, the timer increases in the higher difficulties.

Difficulty levels

  • Beginner (4 Miis to find, 6 minutes)
  • Advanced (8 Miis to find, 12 minutes)
  • Expert (12 Miis to find, 15 minutes)

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