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Operation: Sandbox
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Wii Party U


3-4 players


60 seconds (1 minute)


"The Gamepad player drives the big tank and tries to roll over rival players or hit them with spiked balls. Rival players win if they deplete the Gamepad player's energy with spiked balls."

Operation: Sandbox is a 1 vs Rivals Minigame In Wii Party U.


The camera will pan in to a top view of the sandbox while an army tune plays for 1 second.

Gameplay (Gamepad Player)

The Wii U GamePad player must tilt the joysticks on the Gamepad to move their tank around the sandbox and press ZR to shoot a spiked ball. This will help them get rid of the rival players.

The Gamepad Player can also run into the rival players to get rid of them.

Note: When it's 3 players instead of 4, the player in the big tank will have 3 hearts instead of 6.

Gameplay (Rival Players)

The Rival Players must get rid of the Wii U GamePad by pressing 2 to shoot spiked balls at them. To move, they must use the D-Pad.

If they run into the Gamepad Player's tank, they will automatically get launched out if the sandbox, causing them to be eliminated.


If the Rival Players win, they will stand victorious while the Wii U GamePad Player's tank starts smoking while the Gamepad Player sits in it, dizzy.

If the Gamepad Player wins, they will stand victorious while the last Rival Player that got eliminated flies away.


  • This is the only 1 vs Rivals Minigame where a tie is possible.
    • This is done by having the Wii U GamePad player and at least one rival player last the whole minute.
    • If this happens in Highway Rollers, then no-one will roll dice to move forward.
  • There is a Mario Party 7 minigame similar to this one called Think Tank.
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