Obstacle Course is an activity in the Training Plus menu of Wii Fit Plus and an activity in the Balance Games menu of Wii Fit U.

The player must run through a course and dodge the obstacles.


There are two levels of Obstacle Course. They differ in the nature of the hazards you will encounter:


  • Isolated stationary platforms
  • Isolated moving platforms
  • Single wrecking balls
  • "Head-on" rolling logs


  • Isolated stationary platforms
  • Isolated moving platforms
  • Conveyor belts


  • "Head-on" rolling logs
  • "Sideways" rolling logs
  • Single and double wrecking balls


  • Move along each of the successive course until you either finish the last one or run out of time.
  • Moving follows the typical patterns found in Wii Fit Plus
  • Walk or run in place to walk or run along the platforms
  • Bend and straighten your legs to make the Mii jump up and forward
  • Stand still to stop
  • Certain hazards require you to jump, while others will require you to make a move at the right time.
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