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The Nunchuk Controller, usually referred to as the Nunchuk, is the primary attachment of the Wii Remote.


It connects to the Wii Remote via a cord 1 to 1.2 m (3.5 to 4 feet) long. It acts as an analog stick restricted to 8 directions for the Wii Remote as well as having two extra buttons: "C" and "Z". Like the Wii Remote, the Nunchuk also provides a three-axis accelerometer from STMicroelectronics for motion-sensing and tilting, but lacks any feedback features. The presence of a motion sensor in the Nunchuk allows the Wii Remote to recognize gestures from both of the player's hands independently.

Use in the Wii Sports series

In Wii Sports, the Nunchuk is only used in Boxing. It acts as the controller for the player's non-dominant hand, and can perform jabs, uppercuts, and hooks just like the Wii Remote.

In Wii Sports Resort, the Nunchuk is used in Cycling, Power Cruising, and Archery. In Cycling, the player moves it up and down in tandem with the Wii Remote to make their Mii pedal, and can tilt it to make their Mii steer. In Power Cruising, the player must hold it and the Wii Remote at a ~30 degree angle to the ground and tilt the two as though driving a water cruiser in real life to steer their character. Finally, in Archery, the Nunchuk acts as the aiming hand of a bow and arrow, and must be moved away from the Wii Remote while holding Z to draw the bow. Once Z is released, the arrow is fired.