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Not to be confused with Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, or Wii Sports Club.

Nintendo Switch Sports (Nintendo Switch スポーツ Nintendo Switch Supōtsu) is a sports video game developed and produced by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch console. It is the fourth entry in the Sports series. It was announced on the 9th of February that Nintendo Direct, introduced six sports at launch. It is launched on April 29, 2022, with three days of testing for Nintendo Switch Online users from February 18th to February 20th.


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Nintendo Switch Sports is a continuation of Wii Sports, utilizing motion and button controls with Joy-Cons. The six sports included are Tennis, Bowling, Chambara, Soccer, Badminton, and Volleyball, with Golf being in an update coming in the fall and Soccer having an accessory available in the summer.[1] Online and local play is supported as well.

Nintendo Switch Sports uses a new type of character (that somewhat replace Miis) called Sportsmates, which can be customized. Miis on the Switch's system can be used instead of them.

The location of this game is no longer on Wuhu Island, instead of being on Spocco Square, a new metropolitan city.

Online Play Test

There have been five 45-minute sessions every 8 hours starting from 7 PM on February 18th until the 20th, where Nintendo Switch Online members can test the online play feature. The sports that can be played are Tennis, Bowling, and Chambara. Participants cannot play against friends, only random matchmaking will be available. Additionally, the Online Play Test cannot be done on a Nintendo Switch Lite. If players enter the Online Play Test then they are forbidden to share information about the Online Play Test publicly, including the sharing of screenshots or video footage from the game on social media. [2]

Miis/CPU featured

The names of all of the original Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort Miis are used, with them being used as names for Sportsmate CPUs. All versions of them use a different look compared to their Mii versions in previous games.


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