Nintendo Land

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Cover Art

Nintendo Land is a launch game for the Wii U.


Described as a "virtual theme park", the game features twelve amusement park-style Minigames, each based on a different Nintendo franchise. The game's focus is to introduce players to the different types of experiences and concepts possible with the Wii U GamePad, and also the Wii Remote(s). Many games are multiplayer, and are built around asymmetrical gameplay where the player with the GamePad has a different experience than those playing with Wii Remotes. The host and tutorial character for the game is Monita, a robot with female programming.

The game is played with Mii characters. In official artwork and screenshots appear recurring Wii-U-era Miis (from Wii Sports Club and the like).


  • Animal Crossing: Sweet Day
  • Balloon Fight: Trip Breeze
  • Donkey Kong's Crash Course
  • The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest
  • Luigi's Ghost Mansion
  • Mario Chase
  • Metroid Blast
  • Pikmin Adventure
  • Takamaru's Ninja Castle
  • Captain Falcon's Twister Race
  • Yoshi's Fruit Cart
  • Octopus Dance


  • Before the Wii U Miis were created and introduced, the 100 original Wii Miis were originally supposed to take their place. A video with evidence of this can be seen here.
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