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Ninja Scramble
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Wii Party U


3-4 players


10 seconds to shuffle, no timer to pick


"Rival players swim underwater and try to mix up their shadows. The GamePad player must choose which shadow belongs to the target rival player."

Ninja Scramble is a 1 vs Rivals Minigames in Wii Party U.


The Solo players runs through an opening with trees on either side and turns against the ninjas in the water. The ninjas in the water will appear, and the Solo player will turn around and jump in surprise. The game will then begin.

Gameplay (GamePad Player)

The player with the Wii U GamePad watches on are the team of three scramble around in the water as shadows. The soloist gets a look at where the ninjas are at the start and then is told who to find! They must keep track of the ninja they were told to keep track of, but all the ninjas look the same underwater! After 10 seconds of scrambling, the ninjas poke bamboo sticks out of the water, ready for the soloist to pick.

On the Gamepad screen, the GamePad player taps the bamboo stick of the ninja he think he should find, then either taps another ninja to change his mind, or tap confirm to confirm he/she is satisfied with their choice. Then all the ninjas come out the water (the picked player first) to show if the soloist is correct and if he/she is, the all frown and he/she wins! But if the soloist is wrong, the team members smile and win!

Occasionally, leaves will block some of the screen and make it harder for the GamePad player to track the ninja if he or she goes under them.

Gameplay (Rival Players)

The Rival Player will run around the water and try to trick the solo player into losing track of the ninja that he/she is supposed to find for around 10 minutes. After the timer runs out, they pull out bamboo sticks to breathe while the solo player picks who he this is the Mii he needs to find.

Note: When playing this Minigame against 2 people, an AI-controlled ninja wearing black will join the water ninjas, and shuffle in the water to throw off the land ninja.

A Black Ninja (Marsha) is with Hayley and Pian-Pian in the water. This only happens when there's only 3 players instead of 4.


If the Wii U GamePad Player picks the incorrect Mii and the ninjas in the water win, then the person picked will appear and cross their arms, and the other ninjas arise from the water after that, also crossing their arms.

If the Solo player picks the correct Mii, then the person that they picked will arise with a shocked expression, and they will frown, and the other ninjas will frown as well.


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