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Name That Face
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Wii Party U


3-4 Players


"Make funny faces in the GamePad camera and have the other players guess your expressions in Name That Face!"

Name That Face is a House Party game in Wii Party U that 3 to 4 players can play.


First, an order is set for the players to sit up and take a picture of their face. It can either go from player 1 to player 4 or random, depending on your choice.

After that, the player that goes first will sit down and get ready to take a picture of their face with the camera on the GamePad.

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After that, the player will then proceed to take a picture of their face.

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After taking a picture of their face, the game will have the other players select what they think is the expression that the one player that took a picture of their face is making.

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Then the game will show what the GamePad Player's expression REALLY was. Whoever gets it right will win 10 points, and depending on how many people got it right, the player that took the pic will get 10 points for every player that got it right.

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After 4 rounds of every player taking their picture and the others trying to guess what they are doing, the player with the most points wins.

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