Ian as the boss of this stage.

Mountain Reverse is a stage in Swordplay Showdown. The boss in this stage is Ian. This is the fourteenth stage.

The next stage is Forest Reverse.

This is a reverse stage.

This stage has 50 enemies in it.

For the other stage, see Mountain.


Gold Armor

Red Armor

Purple Armor

Purple Armor Thin

Black Armor

Black Armor Boss


  • Except for Tyrone, this stage has Miis that only appear in Black Armor once.
  • This stage holds 3rd place for the most Black Armored enemies, tied with Castle Reverse.
  • Every Black Armored enemy comes with 2 hearted opponents near them (Tyrone has Sota, Miyu has Ashley and Silke, Shouta has Emily, Yoshi and Keiko, Lucía has Fumiko, Rin, Oscar and Eva, and Ian has Sakura, Rachel, Ai and Nelly.)
  • All Non-Boss Black Armored Enemies have been in the original Wii Sports.
  • The two Black Armored Females in this Stage, Miyu and Lucía, both have many similarities (Being paired with Matt, both having freckles, eyebrows not being the same color as their hair, etc.).
  • Every Non-Boss Black Armored Mii wears the Lanky Black Armor.
  • The order the Black Armored enemies appear in are Male to Female (Tyrone, then Miyu, then Shouta, then Lucía, then Ian).
  • Unlike Tyrone, Miyu and Shouta, Lucía comes with a horde of enemies in front of her.
  • The boss of this stage, Ian, was previously supposed to be just a simple Mii that appears on most Swordplay Showdown stages (As seen in the picture used as a preview for Swordplay Showdown). However, Nintendo changed their minds and decided to make him a boss. It is unclear as to who was going to be the boss of this stage before Nintendo made him the Boss.
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