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Mii Force is a game in Streetpass Mii Plaza.


The Gold Bone Gang are at it again, and you are apart of a high-tech police force, who must stop them from delivering their evil plans. The opening scene has the pilot of a small ship cruising towards a planet in the Streetpass Galaxy before almost getting chomped on by a colossal starship owned by the Gold Bone Gang. The leader of the Gold Bone Gang then messages that pilot, and comments that it is surprising that the space police have spread so far out in the galaxy before announcing that the whole galaxy is now theirs before laughing maniacally with his henchmen. The pilot of the vessel then freaks out, announcing that this could be the worst crisis in his whole career before your Mii shows up and salutes when he/she is called. After the pilot sulks about only having one Mii in the Mii Force, he then orders your Mii to get as many Miis as soon as possible.


This game revolves around you shooting enemies and collecting gems in a Galaga-style shooting game. You recruit Miis to help you out on your onslaughts as your progress through levels. Depending on what favorite color the Mii has, they will shoot a different projectile. One can also charge up to have teh aforementioned projectile be more strong. Your Mii’s weapons will also level up after meeting the same person, making them more strong. You can place Mii pods anywhere for optimal firepower and strategic planning in the long run.