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Mii Fashion Plaza
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Wii Party U


1-4 Players


"Show off your style in Mii Fashion Plaza, a costume-collecting board game! Make your way around the plaza and then step onstage to show off the outfits you put together."

Overview of the entire board.

Mii Fashion Plaza is a TV Party mode in Wii Party U where you go around a Plaza (as it's pronounced in the title) gathering costume pieces as you make your way to the stage to earn points.

There are different costumes for both males and females.

Mii Fashion Plaza Costumes

Color Costumes:

  • Blue (Cowboy/Cowgirl or Pirate Costume) - 10 Points
  • Purple (Ninja or Roman costume) - 9 Points
  • Red (Mario/Peach costume) - 8 Points
  • Yellow (Clown or Rock Star/Pop Star) costume - 7 Points
  • Green (Astronaut or Caveman/Cavewoman costume) - 5 Points

Color Points:

  • Blue worth 20 points
  • Purple worth 18 points
  • Red worth 16 points
  • Yellow worth 14 points
  • Green worth 10 points


This game mode takes place in a plaza, of course. Your goal is to set up a costume by going around the plaza, landing on stores to get pieces for a costume as you make your way to the center stage.

  • You can also get to center stage by landing on the gray center stage space.
  • If you land on the Lucky Spin space, there is a chance you will have to go to center stage.
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Every game of Mii Fashion Plaza has a set of 5 costumes. Every costume piece has a set of stars. Those stars are how much points that piece is worth. You can always check how many points you can earn with your outfit when you reach center stage.

You can only have up to 7 items with you. Four for you to wear and three for you to keep until further notice. If there's too much, you must dispose of some.

Of course, there's also those costume pieces that take more than one space (Example: Peach's dress, Popstar clothes, etc.). Those lower the number of costume pieces that you can keep with you.

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Once you reach center stage, your outfit will be evaluated. All stars that each costume piece has will be added up for a set of points. These points will be multiplied by 2 if you manage to get the full outfit.

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After you get to center stage, the game will give you a costume piece and a special dice block. After that, it's around the board again.

There are also these little shopping stands that give you special dice blocks once you pass by them. Results may vary.

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Types of special rolls:

1-2-3 roll: Only lets you roll 1, 2, or 3 on a die

4-5-6 roll: Only lets you roll 4, 5, or 6 on a die

Slo-mo roll: Die goes slow, which allows the player to choose the roll they want.

x2 roll: Whatever is rolled is multiplied by 2

x3 roll: Whatever is rolled is multiplied by 3

x4 roll: Whatever is rolled is multiplied by 4

Something else we should mention is that there are spaces around the plaza that make you play against another player for a costume piece. There's also another that will make you play against all other players. Win, and it's a free costume piece for you.

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All this goes for 15 rounds, with two allowing you to play a minigame to get a costume piece, and the very last round giving you a chance to get ahead by going to center stage in an instant if you win. The two rounds making you play a Minigame will make you pick a costume piece of your choice. You can either pick from the sets available on the board or from your opponents if you win.

Picking from any set.

Picking from your opponents.

Whoever has the most points piled up by the end wins. Before showing the winner, the game will make the winner dress up in the costume that they got the most points with.

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Types of Costumes (Male/Female)

Mario Bros.




Rock Star




  • In the introduction sequence, when in the far back, the spectators don't have a shadow, but when in the front, they do.

    We edited arrows in this picture to point out what we're talking about.

  • Just like Mario Party 8, when you reach the last round, you cannot get anything to help you, but you can still use what you have still.
    • Also similar to Mario Party 9, you cannot have more than 2 dice blocks. The game will force you to throw away one if you get a third dice block.
  • If you land on a Lucky Spin and get a ×2, ×3 or x4 dice on the last round, the game will make you use it instantly, making you have another turn.
  • The Miis acting as spectators will stare with no hesitation at the Miis walking around.

    Marie staring at Shouta as he passes by.

  • Wearing the ninja outfit will make your nose flat in an instant. The same happens with the astronaut outfit.
  • Sometimes, after a fashion challenge, the Miis will have no facial expression whatsoever.

    Midori is supposed to be sad in this, but she is not showing any facial expression at all.

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