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The Mii Channel

The Mii Channel is a channel that allows you to make Miis on the Wii, 3DS, Wii U, and Switch. It also allows you to transfer Miis to 2 DS games, Tomodachi Collection, and Personal Trainer Walking. Walk with Me, and the 3DS Mii Maker.

Info on the Mii Channel's features

New Mii

This will allow you to make a new Mii. It will make you select from the two existing genders: Male and Female. After picking a gender, it will ask you to either choose a look-alike or start from scratch.

Choosing the first choice will display a large amount of Randomly Generated Miis. Pick one that looks strikingly similar to what you want to create.

Choosing the other will give you a Mii with default features who, by default, likes the color red. From here, you can start making a Mii. Give it facial features, facial hair, glasses, etc. Once you're finished, name the Mii you created and save it.

The default female.

The default male.

You can also mark a Mii as one of your favorites by pressing the square at the top right when on the first column. They will have red pants that will make them stand out from the others. You can only have up to 10 favorites.

An example of a Mii when marked as a favorite.

The maximum amount of Miis you can set as favorites when you organize the Miis by favorites.

Marking a birthday, creator or making them ready to mingle or not is not necessary to save the Mii to your Mii Channel, but giving it a name is.

Edit Mii

In here, you can edit an existing Mii in your Mii Channel if you want to change it a little bit or a lot. You can also change its name.

Erase Mii

If you aren't happy with what you made, and you feel like changing it won't make it better, you can erase it, and it will no longer appear on your Mii Channel.

If that Mii had some data in a game (Example: Wii Sports), that data will reserve a spot for another Mii of your choosing.


If you press the whistle on the bottom right of the screen, it will arrange the Miis by however you choose:

  • Alphabetical: All Miis organize themselves from A to Z.
  • Favorites: All Miis marked as your favorites will stay in front while the others stay in the back.
  • Color: All Miis organize themselves from red, to orange, to yellow, to lime green, to forest green, to royal blue, to sky blue, to pink, to purple, to brown, to white, and then to black to finish it off.
  • Gender: All Miis organize themselves by gender. The males go to the left and the females go to the right.

Mii Parade

In here, you can store many Miis that you don't want to erase. They will appear as background characters in some games like Fortune Street, Mario Kart Wii, and more.

Even though it shows no specific value, you can make the Miis run in here.

20200519 155841.jpg

Transfer Mii

In here, you can transfer Miis from your Mii Channel to your Wii Remote and be able to play as them in games like Mario Party 8 when you bring a Wii Remote of yours to a friends home.

What you can do with a Mii in your Mii Channel

You can play as them in many games. Take for example:

  • Fortune Street
  • Wii Sports
  • Wii Sports Resort
  • Mario Kart Wii
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
  • Wii Party, and much more!

    As you can see here, you can use the Miis in your Mii Channel to play certain games.