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Mia face
Title None
Gender Female
Favorite Color Sky Blue
Level N/A

Mia is a Mii from Wii Music. She appears in 2 preloaded songs. She plays in Cory Plus Four! and Mia Deluxe Six.

Instruments Mia Plays

  • In Cory Plus Four!, she plays the piano.
  • In Mia Deluxe Six, she plays the steel drums.


  • In her Wii Music artwork, she plays the handbells.
    • For some reason, in her artwork, her favourite color is set to red.
    • Even though she uses handbells in her artwork, she doesn't use them at all in any of her appearances in Wii Music.
  • In some screenshots in the Wii Music instruction booklet, she has brown hair, a slightly altered face, and a different favorite color (red). Here she is referred to as Emma, which is actually the name of another Mii.


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