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Title N/A
Gender Female
Favorite Color Forest Green
Country Flag of North America.png North America
Level Swordplay: 206 to 210

Basketball: 71 to 75

Table Tennis: 71 to 75

Cycling: 91st out of 98

Average: 116+

CPU Rank Standard Difficulty

Megan is a CPU Mii from Wii Sports Resort and Wii Party. She is ranked #100 out of the Wii Sports Resort CPUs, by overall skill level. Her Total Skill Level is 958.

Wii Sports Resort

Megan is the lowest-ranked CPU in Wii Sports Resort.

In Swordplay, she is poor. Her skill level is 206 to 210.

In both Basketball and Table Tennis, she is the fifth-worst player. Her skill level is 71 to 75, and she plays with Nick and Andy.

She is the eighth-worst at Cycling, coming in 91st out of 98.

Armors Megan uses in Swordplay Showdown

Stage Armor
Bridge No Armor
Lighthouse No Armor
Beach Green Armor
Mountain Gold Armor
Forest Green Armor
Ruins No Armor
Waterfall Green Armor
Cliffs Green Armor
Castle Purple Armor
Volcano Purple Armor
Bridge Reverse Red Armor
Lighthouse Reverse No Armor
Beach Reverse No Armor
Mountain Reverse No Armor
Forest Reverse Gold Armor
Ruins Reverse No Armor
Waterfall Reverse No Armor
Cliffs Reverse Purple Armor
Castle Reverse Purple Armor Thin (Slim)
Volcano Reverse Gold Armor
  • She appears in Green Armor in stages 3, 5, 7, and 8.
  • She appears in Gold Armor in stages 4, 15, and 20.
  • She appears in Red Armor in stage 11.
  • She appears in Purple Armor in stages 9, 10, 18, and 19. She wears the Thin variant in stage 19.
  • She never wears Black Armor.
  • She is never aggressive.

Wii Party

In Wii Party, Megan is in Standard Difficulty.

Names in Different Languages

Japanese: メガン (Megan)

Korean: 매그 (Maegeu/ "Mag")

(Her Japanese name is identical to her English name.)


  • According to a file in the September 2020 Nintendo leak about CPU Miis, Megan's nationality is North American.
  • According to the Wii Sports Resort files, Megan's Internal ID is 076.
  • Megan has the lowest average skill level out of the Wii Sports Resort Miis, at 116+.
  • She is the only Wii generation Mii whose Total Skill Level is less than 1000.
  • Her Mii data file shows that even though Megan doesn't wear glasses, she doesn't use the default values for them; they are both moved down and decreased in size by two stages. This could suggest that she was originally planned to wear glasses, but they were removed.
  • Megan is left-handed.
  • She is one of the four Miis who have the same skill level in two sports. The other three are Víctor, Shohei, and Midori. Megan and Shohei have the same skill levels in Table Tennis and Basketball, while Víctor has the same skill levels in Table Tennis and Swordplay, and Midori has the same skills in Swordplay and Basketball.


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