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Match Mii/Spin Cycle
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Wii Party U


4 player


"Match the spinning middle part of the faces to the top and bottom.

The first player to correctly line up 3 faces wins the game."

Match Mii is a 4 player minigame in Wii Party U.


It starts zoomed in onto a player's screen. A player's face will be put together. Then it will zoom out to show all players' screens.


In this game, you must try to match the spinning middle part of the faces to the top and bottom for three rounds. The faces are those of 4 Miis and a random animal.

Press A to stop the spinner. If the middle part doesn't match the top and bottom when you stop, you have to try again. The game will make the middle part slow down the longer you go without pressing A. That way, it'll be easier to get all parts to match. Whoever finishes matching the three faces first wins.


The winning player's screen will show at the end with the last face they've matched.


  • Rating show that the community thinks this is the worst minigame in Wii Party U.
  • If it's a game with only 3 or 2 players, and the game did not determine who the missing players are, the game will use Guest Miis instead.
    • The one way the game can determine who the missing players are is if you go select 4 players, THEN go back and select 3 or 2 players.

      Notice how it's a Guest Mii instead of a CPU Mii for Player 4 (Not present).

  • The ending screen shows the winning player's screen, much like Friendly Face-Off when playing Spin-off or Bingo. Of course, in this minigame, it doesn't always show the winning player's face. It could be Léonie winning while her screen shows Steven.

    Up: Frank winning 1st in Match Mii, Down: Holly winning 1st in Friendly Face-Off when playing a game of Bingo or Spin-off.

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