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Wii Party


2 Players


"Test your memory as you compete to match up pairs of Mii characters!"

Not to be confused with Match Mii or Animal Matchup.

Match Up is a Pair Game mode in Wii Party.


The objective of this mode is to match a Mii with a certain patterned shirt/dress with a Mii that also has this pattern. The player will get two points if they match up the same patterned Miis, but they can get four points if they match a platinum pair. The player can still match up Miis until they get an odd pair.

The player has hearts that represent their tries in the game. The players win a heart if they complete a minigame or a new round starts. If the player matches an odd pair, they can still try until they have no hearts left.

The player with the most matches when all matches are taken wins.


  • This takes place in the exact place where Swap Meet takes place. Only differences are that the patches of grass are bigger in Swap Meet and they also have chains in the front of them. There are also trees in Swap Meet, while there are flower patches on Match-up. The grass has a different pattern in Swap Meet too, where it just looks normal, while in Match-up, it has some sort of plaid pattern.

    In this picture, we edited arrows to point at what exactly is different.

  • This is the only Pair game where the players don't actually play as a pair, rather as opponents.
    • It's also the only Pair game where you are able to play with CPU Miis from Beginner to Master. Balance Boat only lets you play with Master and Friend Connection doesn't let you play with any of them.
  • The Miis that are players and the Miis that are supposed to be matched don't have the same model.

    Notice how the Miis in Green have round, circular hands while Emma has normal hands.

  • The feet of the Miis actually go through their shadow. It isn't that visible with Miis with colors blue, red, etc. However, it is fully visible with platinum Miis.
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  • When getting a tie, Party Phil will say that both players are winners... or losers, and then the game will cut off to the result screen.
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