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Not to be confused with Marisa.

HEYimHeroic 3DS FACE-098 Marius.JPG
Title None
Gender Male
Favorite Color Black
Country Flag of France.png France
Level Tennis: Spectator only

Boxing: Coach only

Baseball: Teammate only

CPU Rank Advanced Difficulty

Marius is a CPU Mii from Wii Sports Club and Wii Party U. His Total Skill Level is 31, with every other Advanced Baseball teammate.

Wii Sports Club

Marius doesn't compete in Tennis nor Boxing.

He only competes as a Baseball teammate and appears as a Spectator in Tennis and Coach in Boxing.

Wii Party U

In Wii Party U, Marius is in Advanced Difficulty.

Names in Different Languages

Japanese: マリウス (Mariusu)


  • According to the Wii Sports Club files, Marius' Internal ID is 098.
  • Marius is pictured in many official Wii Party U artworks, along with Cheng-Han, Haruka, and Ilka. In these artworks, he is player 3.
    • These artworks are used to promote the House Party, TV Party and Gamepad Party game modes on Wii Party U.
  • Marius appears in the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct in Course World. In it, his stage's name is "Clown Car Coin Battle". He is shown to be French in this direct.
    • In a video from a preview event for Super Mario Maker 2, the course description is revealed. The course description says ":-)".
    • We also see that Joseph holds the world record for the course.
  • Marius was featured in a promotional video for Super Mario Maker 2's Course World. In the video, he comments on Polly’s course Good Defense = Best Offense with a stamp that says "Wow!"
  • In his Wii Party U artworks, he seems to be playing Name That Face, Button Smashers, and Dance with Mii with Cheng-Han, Haruka, and Ilka.
  • In another one of his Wii Party U artworks, he seems to be playing Dance with Mii with Carlo, Patricia, and Polly.
  • In the data files of Miitopia, he's listed as Middle.
  • His height value is set to 74 and his weight value is set to 115.


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