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Marching Orders
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Wii Party


1 player


"Give orders to each marching Mii, and guide it to the matching-color house. If a Mii falls, you will lose a heart. You don't lose a heart if a dog falls. You can rescue a falling Mii by pressing A."

Marching Orders is a 1-player Challenge Mini-Game in Wii Party. And the Miis go marching Mii-by-Mii! Guide each Mii character in to the matching-colored house, Blue, Red, or Yellow.

After a few seconds have passed, the red house will appear on the left, then the yellow one on the right.

The three types of houses.

Small House = 1 pt., Normal House = 10 pts., Big House = 100 pts.

On certain occasions, a dog will appear, to which you need to move to the dog house. If the whole place is protected with fences, part of the fence will fall off for the dog house to appear. Hearts and fences will also appear. Pick them up to help you get an amazing result in this minigame. If a Mii that is a different color as the house they are about to go into, it will deconstruct the house (Example: if a yellow Mii goes in the blue house while it's going for 100 points on every time a blue Mii enters, it will go back to 10 points.)

Every house needs a total of 5 Miis of its color in order to grow and expand.

The farther you go into this, the faster it will get. If a Mii falls off the platform where the minigame takes place, things will slow down.

Record for 1st

The default #1 record is set by Yoko, a Master Mii, with an amount of 5000 points obtained, unless if you obtain more than 5000.


  • If two Miis bump into each other, they will go opposite of where they were originally going.
  • The highest anyone has gotten is 99999 pts. This record was set on the 4th of December, 2010 by Joey Deane. If any one aims for the World Record, all you can do is tie for it.
  • A blimp can be seen flying around, giving reference to the Whale Shark from Wii Sports Resort.
  • The place where the houses spawn are different everytime.
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