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Maka Wuhu
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Maka Wuhu.

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Power Cruising


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Maka Wuhu is the central volcano on Wuhu Island. In Europe it is called Mount Tenganamanga.


The most logical beginning for the volcano is that it was created by two tectonic plates crashing into each other, forming the volcano and the land around it. At some point in history, the island was inhabited by an ancient civilization, and during their inhabitation of the island, they placed some sort of a pillar or altar inside the volcano. This suggests that the volcano was once dormant. At another point in time, the volcano became active, flooding the altar in magma. There is another eye inside the volcano, which is accessed by the Cedar Tree.


  • It is listed on the map at the back of the manuals.
  • It has the highest elevation on Wuhu Island.
  • You can actually ride your plane on the lava inside Maka Wuhu.
  • Once you fly into Maka Wuhu, the sound will become more echoed.
  • The tenth and twentieth Swordplay Showdown stages and the Cycling stage that take place in the volcano have rails.

Island Flyover Information

  • Daytime: “Inside this active volcano, lava boils and churns all year round.”
  • Evening: “This volcano is unusual--the center is completely hollow!”
  • Night: “This volcano is active, but it hasn’t erupted in 200 years.”

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