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Full Map Of iPoints.

Here is the complete list of iPoints on Wuhu Island and Wedge Island that you can find in Island Flyover in Wii Sports Resort and Pilotwings Resort. There are eighty different iPoints in total. Names and descriptions differ by version. The European names of iPoints are noted under their American name and the same for descriptions. Quotes exclusive to Pilotwings Resort are in parentheses.

Name Daytime Description Evening Description Night Description
Barnacle Arch

Neptune's Ring

“This sea arch is just begging for someone to fly under it…”

"An arched rock. Just looking makes one want to fly under it…"

“There’s another arch like this one around Wuhu Island.” “At night, this arch looks a little like a pair of rocky pants…”
Basketball Court “All of the basketball action on Wuhu Island happens here.”

"Heated basketball matches are played here in the daytime."

“Three-point contests are held here, but it’s mostly quiet in the evening.” “At night, the 3-Point Contest is held here. Fans go wild!”
Beginner's Archery Area

Beginner Archery Area

(WSR Only)

“Even this easiest Archery range takes skill to master.”

"Archery is a battle with yourself. Empty your mind…"

“Wind can push the flight of the arrows. Planes probably don’t help…” “Take aim and hold your breath...but not for too long!”
Beginner's Wakeboarding Area

Beginner Wakeboarding Area

(WSR Only)

“This stretch of sea is where the wakeboarders catch big air!”

"Jump with grace and daring!"

“The smooth water here attracts some world-class wakeboarders.” “The secret to wakeboarding is to land flat! OK, it’s not such a secret…”
Bowling Alley “If you’re into bowling, this is the place to be.”

"First game free! Knock those pins down and vent your stress!

“This island is proud to have one of the best bowling alleys around!” “Some people travel to Wuhu Island just to bowl here.”
Broken Clock Tower

Silent Clock Tower

“Don’t set your watch to this clock tower--it stopped!”

"Nobody relies on this clock anymore. It stopped!"

“Some clock fanatic stole one of the clock’s hands!” “They could repair it, but then it wouldn’t have the same charm.”
Cabana Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Hideaway

“Quiet and laid-back, this is a place to put your feet up and relax.” “Nice and quiet, when the Power Cruisers aren’t racing.” “It’s even quieter here at night. Except for the occasional plane…”
Camel Rock "This rock used to look like more like a camel, you know..."

"It used to look more like a camel, you know."

“Over the years, the wind has worn away the camel’s humps.” “Maybe they should change the name to “Not-Quite-A-Camel-Rock”?”
Cedar Tree Tunnel

Tunnel to the Cedar Tree

“The tunnel leads to the Lone Cedar and the volcano entrance.”

"The tunnel leads to the cedar tree and the volcano entrance "

“The path snakes past the Lone Cedar and to the Mountain Monument.” “This path goes all the way round the top of the mountain.”
Cliffside Ruins

Clifftop Ruins

“How did they build this all the way up here?”

"How on earth did they get all that stone up here?"

“The stone blocks are perfectly laid-- you can hardly see any gaps!” “Ancient writing is chiseled into the rock, but it’s getting faded.”
Cocoba Hotel

Seaside Hotel

"Five-star accomodations. Sadly, they don't take coupons."

"Top-rate hospitality. Sadly, they don't accept meal coupons here."

"World-class hospitality. Stop by to watch the evening cycle race." "Only the finest sheets are soft enough for this hotel's fancy beds!"
Crab Rock “This unnatural-looking rock formation is popular with climbers.” “Tourists often ask why it’s called Crab Rock. Locals only shrug.” “Local golfers have nicknamed this rock formation the “Double Bogeys.””
Dead End Point

Dead End

“This is the end of the road. Better start the long hike back!”

"This is the end of the road. Going all the way back is a pain.

("This is a challenging climb for even the fittest hikers.)

“It may be a dead end, but it’s got a great view of the ruins.” “It’s getting dark! Those people better start heading back to town.”
Deserted Island

Small Desert Island

“It wouldn’t be so bad to be stranded on this tropical island.” “This small island has never been inhabited.” “This tiny island remains as a slice of untouched paradise.”
Diving Spot(WSR Only) “Divers of all skill levels come to swim with the ocean life here.” “Divers go down to watch the undersea life at all hours.” “Diving at night must be pretty scary!”
Duckling Lake “This glassy mountain lake is popular with canoeists. Beautiful!”

"A glassy mountain lake popular with canoeists. Beautiful!"

“The lake water at sunset looks just like orange juice!” “The water is so dark at night...is anything lurking down there?”
Entrance to the Mysterious Ruins

Entrance to the Ancient Ruins

“This is as far as vehicles go; from here on up, you have to walk!”

"Cars can't go any further. From here, you have to walk.

“Lots of hikers come here, but most get tired and turn back.” “Sometimes you can hear eerie singing at night…”
Evergreen Grove

Woodland Park

“This untouched grove is filled with rare and exotic birds.” “It’s getting dark, so the exotic birds that nest here are quieting down.” “At night, wild animals roam around these woods.”
Extreme Canoeist

Expert Canoeist

(WSR Only)

“Wedge Island and back? A piece of cake!” “The view of the setting sun must be worth the effort to get out there!” “That’s a long way to paddle. Must be lonely…”
Firework Launch Zone 1 "They launch fireworks off from here at night. It's quite a show!" "Firework teams compete on the island for the most dazzling show." "Hey! You can't fly over here at night! It's dangerous!"
Firework Launch Zone 2 "One of two firework launch zones on Wuhu Island. Watch out at night!" "One of the best firework teams shoots off their fireworks from here." "You can't fly over here at night! They launch fireworks from here!"

Bridge Under the Falls

“When it’s windy, you can get drenched by the waterfall mist!”

"Feel the refreshing spray of droplets from the falls!"

“Occasionally, the bridge will get washed away after a big storm.” “On a hot night, people hang out on the bridge to cool off.”
Forest Monument

Menhirs of the Forest

“This is one of three mysterious rock monuments on the island.” “It’s almost like this monument was built to guard the forest.” “Who built this strange monument, or is it natural?”
Frisbee Dog Park

Frisbee Dog Area

(WSR Only)

“Frisbee Dog competitions are held on this beach.” “The sand is perfectly manicured just for the dogs.” “The dogs on Wuhu Island are even more pampered than the guests!”
Gateway to Wuhu

Triton's Ring

“This picture-perfect arch welcomes you to the island with a great view.” “It looks a lot like Barnacle Arch, actually...” “At night, the arch does look a little like a gateway to another world...”
Golf Area A “Countless golfers have shaken their fists at these brutal water hazards.” “Golfers on this course quickly learn it pays to take a practice swing.” “Every blade of grass is meticulously cared for on this first-class course.”
Golf Area B “The groundskeepers can hardly keep up with the fast-growing grass.” “The wind can really pick up off the shore of Wedge Island.” “Even if you have a bad day on the course, there’s always the view!”
Golf Area C “Scuba divers often search off the coast of Wedge Island for stray balls.” “On some of these holes, you’re one hook or slice from the sea!” “Pack extra golf balls when you’re playing this course!”
Heart of Maka Wuhu “This mountain tunnel bores right through the heart of the volcano.” “The rocks here are always wet and slippery--don’t slip and fall in!” “Big, empty caves can be a little unnerving. Especially in a volcano!”
Heartbreak Peak “It’s easy to see how this steep hill got its name.” “This is a top destination for people wanting a serious workout.” “It won't break your heart, but it will definitely make it pound!”
Hillside Cabins “These small vacation cabins are just a five-minute walk from town!” “These cabins are a great alternative to the bustle of downtown living.” “Sounds like someone’s playing an NES, but they need some pointers…”
Hilltop Overlook “What a view! You can see the bridge, lighthouse, and Wedge Island.” “A great spot to admire the island at sunset.” “The town is nice, but people mostly come for the fireworks.”
Island Loop Tunnel 1

Ring Road Tunnel No. 1

“This tunnel burrows through the mountain to link the Island Loop road.” “Don’t even think about trying to fly out between the pillars!” “Rumor has it, there are monsters living in this tunnel…”
Island Loop Tunnel 2

Ring Road Tunnel No. 2

“The main road around Wuhu Island goes through this tunnel.” “Watch out for traffic!” “Slow down!”
Lava Monument

Menhirs of Ember

“Nobody knows how these rocks got into this pool of lava.” “Maybe this volcano wasn’t active when this monument was built.” “It’s so hot in here! You could bake a pizza on these rocks…”
Lava Tube “What could have made this massive hole in the side of the volcano?” “Apparently, it wasn’t made by lava at all… It’s man-made!” “Archaeologists think this tunnel was built by ancient inhabitants.”
Lone Cedar

Lone Cedar Tree

“It’s a long hike up here, so don’t forget anything!” “There’s a path right into the volcano nearby.” “How did this big cedar grow so close to an active volcano?”
Maka Wuhu

Mt Tenganamanga

“Inside this active volcano, lava boils and churns all year round.” “This volcano is unusual--the center is completely hollow!” “This volcano is active, but it hasn’t erupted in 200 years.”
Miguel's Guide Plane “I’m Miguel! If you follow me, I’ll guide you to some of the iPoints!” “If you get lost, press 1 to fire a flare. I’ll shoot one off too!” “I fly around to some of the island’s sightseeing spots.”
Mountain Hikers(WSR Only) “It’s a tough hike, but the view is worth it.” “It’s starting to get dark. Those hikers better head back!” “Up here, you could almost reach out and and grab the stars from the sky.”
Mountain Monument “This monument looks man-made, but how did they get the rocks up here?” “Shards of rock splintered off when the monument fell over.” “Legends say this monument will right itself one day.”
Mysterious Ruins “Archaeologists have discovered piles of ancient coins in these ruins.” “These ruins have signs of ancient traps built to scare away thieves.” “A pit was discovered in the ruins, but everyone is too scared to explore it!”
Needlepoint Spire

Needlepoint Crag

“This needle-sharp rock juts straight out of the sea.”

"It looks a bit like a rose thorn sticking out of the sea."

“At almost 200 ft. high, It’s one of the tallest formations on the island.” “This tall spire doesn’t look nearly as forbidding next to Make Wuhu!”
Off-Road Vehicle

Leisure Vehicle

“Only electric vehicles are allowed to drive on Wuhu Island.” “Looks like a dead battery! Hope they make it home before dark…” “Don’t worry--somebody will come help them soon. Hopefully…”
Palm Boulevard

Palmtree Avenue

“This seaside boulevard is lined with majestic palm trees.” “It’s not that grand, but it creates a vacation atmosphere.” “The first cycling stage, “Around the Island,” starts here.”
Pirate's Eye

Lighthouse Ring

“The elements have cut a perfect hole in the side of this cliff.”

"It's so huge! Could it be a gateway to another world?"

“Flying through the Eye is said to bring good luck. If you’re lucky.” “Don’t worry--there aren’t any pirates in these waters!”
Pool Patio

Pool Terrace

“Table-tennis fans play all day, then cool off on the pool patio.”

"Table tennis fans play all day, then cool down on the terrace."

“Somebody has to fish all of the stray balls out of the pool!” “The pool patio is a popular hangout at night.”
Power-Cruising Area (WSR Only) "“This is where the Power Cruising races are held.” “You can press - before a race to cruise around the island.” “Try free cruising on the Lighthouse course to explore at night!”
Private Island

Spacious Desert Island

Before 80 iPoints:

“This island would be a perfect place to build a vacation home.”

After 80 iPoints (w/vacation home).

“(Mii character’s name)'s resort house is here! The mark of a true islander!”

Before 80 iPoints:

“A house here would have an amazing view of the island and ocean.”

After 80 iPoints (w/vacation home).

“(Mii character’s name)'s resort house is here. A little rustic, but what a view!”

Before 80 iPoints:

“How would a home out here get water and electricity?”

After 80 iPoints (w/vacation home).

“(Mii character’s name)'s resort house is here. A little piece of paradise…”

Red Iron Bridge

Red Gate Bridge

“This massive bridge is a famous landmark of Wuhu Island.” “The evening sunset is dazzling for drivers heading into town.” “It’s tempting to fly through it, but don’t get clipped by cables!”
Runner's Circle

Jogging Plaza

“Die-hard runners meet up here before their daily run.” “Some people don’t like to run in the day because of the island heat.” “Some people prefer to run in the night, when it is nice and cool.”
Sea Serpent Cavern

Sea Cave

“This twisting sea cave snakes underneath the Mysterious Ruins.” “This spooky sea cave is now a playground for Power Cruisers.” “At night, the cave has a kind of calm, tranquil atmosphere.”
Seaplane Team (WSR Only) “We’re the Blue Sky Acrobatics Club. You should join us sometime!” “We’re the Sunset Acrobatics Club. Want to be a member?” “We’re the Starry Sky Acrobatics Club. How about it--want to try?”
Serpent's Mouth

Sea Cave Mouth

“This spooky cave entrance seems to be an entrance to the ruins.” “Don’t even think about trying to fly a plane in there…” “Some say the waves hitting this cave entrance make a sound like a hiss…”
Silk Sands

Silky Soft Sandpit

“The soft, smooth sand in this pit squishes between your toes.” “The unusual type of sand here sets like concrete when mixed with water.” “How did this pit of silky sand get up here, anyway?”
Sportfishing Spot

Fishing Spot

(WSR Only)

“All of the sportfishing on Wuhu Island is catch and release.” “Being out on the beautiful ocean is half the fun of sportfishing.” “At night, the sportfishing types hang up their poles and swap stories.”
Starboard Harbor

Yacht Harbor

“Fancy yachts from all over the world drop anchor here.” “Many boaters like to watch the sunset from their yachts.” “The harbor is full of life even late into the night.”
Starry Beach

Stardust Beach

"The sand grains are curiously shaped like stars." "As you'd guess, this beach is also a great place to watch the night sky." "They sell bottles of the star-shaped sand grains as souvenirs."
Stillwater Grotto

Twisty Passage

“Watch out!” “Stop reading this and pay attention to not crashing!” “Are you sure you can make it?!”
Sugarsand Beach "A huge white beach with sand like powdered sugar." “At sunset, the sky, sea, and sand blend into a golden glow.” “This is the place to go for hanging out after the sun goes down.”
Summerstone Castle

Lakeside Castle

“It’s not an easy hike, but the view from the castle is amazing!” “This castle has unbelievable views--especially at sunset!” “The high walls of the castle make for a perfect spot to watch fireworks.”
Summerstone Falls

The Shrieking Falls

“Seven tons of water cascade every second from a height of 330 ft.” “You really wouldn’t want to go down this waterfall in a canoe!” “The water of Wuhu Island is full of healthy minerals. Delicious!”
Sundown Point

Sunset Cape

“Every photo taken here ends up turning out like a postcard.” “The setting sun beyond the island makes for a breathtaking view.” “People come here at night just to see the moon over the sparkling sea.”
Swaying Bridge

Wobbly Bridge

“This rickety bridge is fun--and scary--to walk across.” “It takes a lot of guts to ride a bicycle across this bridge!” “In Swordplay Showdown, you have to fight across this bridge!
Sweet Beach "This quiet, tranquil spot is one of the most romantic on the island.” “There’s nothing but the soft sound of lapping waves. And planes.” “This gorgeous spot is featured on countless postcards.
Swordplay Colosseum


“Swordplay duels are held in this specially built floating arena.”

"A special floating arena where Swordplay duels are held."

("This floating arena was specially built to host swordplay duels.")

“The spectators obviously enjoy watching people fall in the sea!” “Night is the only time the colosseum is quiet and tranquil.”
Talon Rock

Icarus Bluff

“If you had wings, you could glide off this cliff all the way to town.”

"It's easy to dream of flying off the cliff..."

“You’d need a wingspan of 30 yards to fly...if you had wings.” “Some cyclists are brave enough to ride a bike off this cliff!”
Tennis Court “Unfortunately, the dogs on the beach ran off with all the tennis balls.”("It's easy to lose tennis balls in the nearby sand!) “If you’re in the mood for Table Tennis, head to the pool patio.”("These clay courts get hot on sunny summer days!) “Hopefully, the dogs won’t get the next shipment of tennis balls, too…”
The Candle

The Giant Candle

“This lighthouse was mistakenly built at twice the planned size.” “Some say it was designed to look like a candle, but that’s just a myth.” “This lighthouse shines as bright as 1,600,000 candles!”

"This lighthouse produces as much light as 1,600,000 candles!"

The Nineteenth Hole Hotel “Drop by the cafe for a bite to eat after a round of golf.” “Your golfing mishaps will melt away at the sauna and spa facilities.” “Most of the golfers who vacation here are early-morning types.”
The Queen Peach "This luxury cruiser is the picture of elegant opulence." “While in port, the ship’s extravagant swimming pool is closed.” “This ship hosts lavish parties every night. Sorry, no flip-flops.”
The Sea Caddy

The Albatross Express Liner (WSR Only)

“This regular ferry service links Wuhu Island and Wedge Island.” “If you’re lucky, you might spot a whale on your ferry ride!” “This is the last boat back to Wuhu Island today.”
The Whale Shark (WSR Only) Wii Logo:

“Sky, sea, and sand! ~ Wii Sports Resort ~”

Mii Design:

“You did it, (Mii character’s name)! Hope you enjoyed flying around the island!”

Wii Logo:

“Surfing, slicing, slaloming! ~ Wii Sports Resort ~”

Mii Design:

“Amazing, (Mii character’s name)! You were born to fly!”

Wii Logo:

“Swinging, splashing, shooting! ~ Wii Sports Resort ~”

Mii Design:

“Wow, (Mii character’s name)! You know this island better than the locals!”

Toppled Monument “This ancient stone monument has toppled over.” “How many centuries did this monument stand before it fell over?” “Now the fallen rocks look as though they belong there.”
Undersea Cable Inspectors “Wedge Island is linked to the main island through undersea cables.” “Inspecting undersea cables can’t be all that exciting…” “It’s too dark to even see the cables, let alone inspect them!”
Weathered Monument “This ancient monument was built with massive blocks of stone.” “It’s not entirely clear what this monument’s original purpose was.” “The stone on top weighs an astonishing 120 tons.”
Wedge Island Marina “The people carrying small bags must be here for Frisbee Golf.” “The last ferry to the main island leaves at 8:30 p.m. Don’t be late!” “The last ferry to the main island has already left.”
Whale Watchers (WSR Only) “Whales are often sighted off the island, especially in this area.” “The massive whales here make quite a splash.” “You can’t see anything at night, but people come to watch anyway.”
Wind Orchard

Windmill Park

“These massive windmills provide clean power for the whole island.”

"These windmills provide power for the whole island."

“A warm tropical breeze keeps these huge blades spinning.” “Imagine how fast your plane could go if it had a propeller that big…”
Wishing Fountain “Tourists throw coins in the fountain and make a wish.” “When the sun is right, all of the coins in the fountain sparkle.” “Nobody makes any promises about wishes coming true, you know!”