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There are a total of 47 playable songs in Wii Music: Eight Classical, 22 Traditional, 13 Popular songs, seven Game songs and three Unused songs.


There are eight Classical songs.

Beethoven's full Ninth Symphony is an epic performance--it's over an hour! But you'll go straight to its most well-known section to experience the joy!

Most call this "Here Comes the Bride." but did you know this melody is from Wagner's opera Lohengrin? Now make this wedding tune march to your beat!

This portion of Tchaikovsky's famous Swan Lake ballet is incredibly moving. So, what better tune for expressing yourself with musical motions?

Dvořák's From the New World is one of the greatest symphonies ever, but don't let that stop you from going in and changing it to suit your style!

Long thought to be a Johann Sebastian Bach piece, this tune is now believed to be Christian Petzold's. Either composer would be delighted to hear you play it!

Mozart's charming 1787 serenade was made for two violins, a viola, and a double bass. But what instruments will you bring into this lively melody?

This 1867 waltz by Johann Strauss Jr. flows slowly in tribute to the European river, but will you be carried along at its leisurely pace? Or ride it like a rapid?

The famous overture from Bizet's Carmen has had a fiery attitude since the opera debuted in 1875. What kind of flair will you play it with?


There are 22 Traditional songs.

This American march from the 1880s stepped it up as a swing-era song in the 1940s. What kind of style and speed will you bring to this patriotic tune?

This ragtime tune will really keep you on your toes. Not only is there a fast beat, but a lot of the song happens between beats! So, play this one fast...or faster!

The first tune most people ever learn started as a French melody around 250 years ago. So this classic is ready for you to give it a musical makeover!

This classic is all about how easy it is to sing music, so it's a natural for playing here. Show off what you can do with your new Wii Music skills!

This sweet tune is about a clock that ticks its last tock after 90 years, but the song itself is still going strong after 130 years! Wind it up with your style!

This song has been sung at birthdays for nearly a century! So, play your own take on this classic...and send it to Wii Music players on their birthdays!

  • Yankee Doodle

This patriotic song gallops along at a brisk pace, so have fun keeping up! Or take "Yankee Doodle" to town any way you want!

  • Frère Jacques

For centuries, singers have asked Frère Jacques (Brother John in English), "Are you sleeping?" Well, wake him up once and for all with your music!

  • Sur le pont d'Avignon

The French bridge in the song's title fell to ruin long ago, but this old tune is as sound as ever! So, play the melody any way you like it: it won't fall down!

  • The Flea Waltz

You know "Chopsticks," the tune people play when they first touch a piano? In other parts of the world, they instead play this "waltz." So, ready to dance?

  • Turkey in the Straw

A classic U.S. folk song, this tune pokes along leisurely, so feel free to make "Turkey" pick up the pace or dance to whatever beat you want!

  • Oh, My Darling Clementine

This song, about a man who misses his darling, has a tune so catchy that many have remembered her since the 1880s! Ready to continue the tradition?

  • Scarborough Fair

This haunting song has been played for centuries and will be for many more, as many modern bands still play it. Now go ahead and bring flair to the fair!

  • Long, Long Ago

This English song became all the rage in the U.S. long, long ago (the 1840s!). It's nice and slow--perfect for making it very, very "now" with improvisation!

  • Little Hans

This cheerful song, about a child setting off to see the world, goes along at a happy clip. With your style, where will you go with this lively melody?

  • O Christmas Tree

In the original German, this song isn't a tribute to all holiday trees. Just firs! The melody is beloved no matter where it's heard, so make your version festive!

  • From Santurtzi to Bilbao

This folk song, about sardine sellers who travel along the Spanish coast, moves along leisurely. So take it slow...or pick up the pace, if you want!

  • Sakura Sakura

This melody about cherry blossoms captures the spirit of spring in Japan. Let yourself be carried away by its beauty, no matter what season it is!

  • Troika

This Russian folk song has incredible intensity. Its melody almost seems to burn with passion. Now, how will you stoke its fire?

  • La Bamba

You may know it as a 1950s rock song, but did you know "La Bamba" has had people dancing in Mexico for centuries? Now give it your bouncy beat!

  • Over the Waves

This waltz by Juventino Rosas has made its way into many circuses, where you may have heard it during trapeze acts. Don't get dizzy when you play it!

  • La Cucaracha

Many have heard this song but don't realize its title means "The Cockroach." Now, did you ever think you'd make such fun music with an insect?


There are 13 popular songs.

  • Daydream Believer

Made famous by the Monkees, this happy tune was at the top of the U.S. charts in 1967. Now make everyone a believer in your Wii Music skills!

  • Sukiyaki

For its U.S. release in 1963, this pop song, made famous by Kyu Sakamoto, was given a title that had nothing to do with the lyrics! Now spice it up your way!

  • Jingle Bell Rock

This holiday tune is such a classic that countless performers have put their own spin on it. Now it's time for you to rock the night away!

  • Please Mr. Postman

This song was made famous in the '60s and '70s by several bands. Now you'll follow up the Marvelettes and the Carpenters with your own take!

  • The Loco-Motion

This song has gone up the charts a few times, first made famous by Little Eva in the '60s and most recently by Kylie Minogue in the '80s. Now it's your turn!

  • Woman

This touching tune, from the song made famous by John Lennon, was written as an ode to his wife. The melody is just as sweet today, so play it with heart!

  • Every Breath You Take

Made famous by the Police, this song was one of the most memorable of the early '80s. Now make it one of your biggest hits with every move you make!

  • September

Made famous by Earth, Wind & Fire, this song got disco fans dancing in the late '70s. Now it's your turn to get your groove on with your Wii Music moves!

  • Material Girl

As made famous by Madonna, this song made fun of 1980s materialism. It's also one of the catchiest songs of the '80s, so indulge yourself in its vivacious vibe!

  • Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Made famous by Wham! this song was the peppiest song on the 1984 pop scene, and its beat is still bouncier than ever. Now it's your turn to go-go!

  • I'll Be There

This ballad topped the U.S. pop charts twice, made famous by the Jackson 5 in 1970, then by Mariah Carey in 1992. Now it's your turn to go there!

  • I've Never Been to Me

Though it was the only song made famous by the singer Charlene, this hit became one of the most heartfelt tunes of the '80s. Play it with emotion!

  • Chariots of Fire

This 1981 movie theme, made famous by Vangelis, is one of the most inspiring sports tunes ever written. Now let it inspire you...to play like a pro!


There are seven Game songs.

One of the grandest themes in games has been inspiring fans of Nintendo's Zelda series for over 20 years. So, go and give a legendary performance!

  • F-Zero—Mute City Theme

This hard-driving tune from Nintendo's futuristic racing series is played during Mute City competitions. Play it at any speed you want...but play it with style!

  • Super Mario Bros.

You finally get a shot at one of the most popular video-game themes ever! This tune's so bouncy, you'll probably find yourself full of energy as you play.

  • Animal Crossing

The cats, dogs, and others in the world of Animal Crossing know this melody. It's one of Nintendo's cutest tunes, so play it with a song in your heart!

  • Animal Crossing—K.K. Blues

If you've got the blues, this tune by the musical pooch from Nintendo's Animal Crossing series is just what you need. Play it with soul!

  • Wii Sports

If you've competed in Wii Sports, you've surely heard this catchy theme song. Now it's time to take up the Wii Remote and play that sports tune for yourself!

  • Wii Music

Nintendo has created many catchy themes that have gotten a world of game players whistling since the 80's. Here's the latest: the Wii Music theme!


There are three known Unused songs in Wii Music.

  • Let it Be
  • Land of Hope and Glory / Pomp and Circumstance
  • Ode to Joy (Beta Version)