Takashi as the boss of this stage.

Lighthouse Reverse is a stage in Swordplay Showdown. The boss in this stage is Takashi. This is the twelfth stage.

The next stage is Beach Reverse.

This is a reverse stage.

This stage has 35 enemies in it.

For the other stage, see Lighthouse.


Gold Armor

Purple Armor

Purple Armor Thin

Black Armor

Black Armor Boss


  • This is the fourth stage to not feature Red Armor Miis, the first being Bridge, the second being Cliff, and the third being Volcano.
  • This is the first reversed stage to have a Non-Boss Black Armored opponent, said opponent being Daisuke.
    • This is also the first stage to have Thin Purple Armored enemies, Sandra being the first one.
  • Only Advanced male Miis that like the color Cyan, have wrinkles on the sides of their mouths and have slightly tanned skin color have Black Armor in this stage.
  • Both Black Armored enemies have Purple Armored enemies near them (Daisuke having the ones with thick legs and knee pads, and Takashi having the thin legged ones).
  • This stage, along with its normal variant, is the one of the stages close to the town in Wuhu Island. It is also one of the two stages where you are able to walk onto a road. The other one is the normal version of this stage.
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