Gabi as the boss of this stage.

Lighthouse is a stage in Swordplay Showdown. The boss in this stage is Gabi. This is the second stage.

The next stage is Beach.

This is a normal stage.

This stage has 35 enemies in it.

For the other stage, see Lighthouse Reverse.


Green Armor

Gold Armor

*Silke is way more aggressive and defenseive compared to the rest of the Gold Armor Miis. Gold Armor Miis are not seen with any of the aggressive movesets again until Level 11, and Silke's particular moveset is not seen again until boss Gabriele in Level 10.

Red Armor

Black Armor Boss


  • This is the first stage in Showdown to have Red Armor Miis.
  • Even though the stage is called "Lighthouse", you play near the windmills and go nowhere near the Lighthouse, unless you find a way to drag Gabi all the way to the Lighthouse.
    • This is completly different in the reversed version of this stage, starting on the Lighthouse instead of the windmills.
  • The boss of this stage, Gabi, seems to swing her sword frantically when she's not blocking, just like Hiromasa. This makes this stage one of the two normal stages to have the bosses act this way, other one being Forest.
  • This stage, along with its reverse variant, is the one of the stages close to the town in Wuhu Island. It is also one of the two stages where you are able to walk onto a road. The other one is the reverse version of this stage.
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