Lava Monument

The Lava Monument (Menhirs of Ember in the UK) is a type of man-made rock art. Scientists think that the monument was made by ancient inhabitants. But still, no-one knows how they built it while the volcano was about to erupt. It is also hard to land on the lava. You can access this place in the last stage of the Archery expert level, the last stage of the Cycling road race and Island Flyover. This is one of the hardests I-Points to get to, due to the only entry by plane not being that big.

Island Flyover Information

  • Daytime: “Nobody knows how these rocks got into this pool of lava.”
  • Evening: “Maybe this volcano wasn’t active when this monument was built.”
  • Night: “It’s so hot in here! You could bake a pizza on these rocks…”
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