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Laser Hockey is the fifth of the 9 games found in Wii Play. It is unlocked after attempting the previous game, Pose Mii.

Single Player

Players move and tilt their Wii Remote to move and tilt their hockey stick. In one-player mode, there will be a CPU and a timer of 120 seconds. Players try to aim for the opponent's goal, the opening. However, if they miss the opening, the hockey puck will bounce off the walls, or the stick. You cannot move past your goal in the middle.

The game ends after two minutes have passed in.

Note: The hockey sticks' shape can be changed to be rounder by holding down the A and B buttons during the start countdown. Just remember that this will make them less accurate when shooting forward.

Medal Requirements (for Single Player)

The medal requirements are:

  • Bronze = 4 points
  • Silver = 7 points
  • Gold = 10 points
  • Platinum = 14 points


This game is essentially the same, except a the way that a player wins is when they reach 8 points.


  • Hold the Wii Remote vertically.
  • Move the Wii Remote along the screen to move your stick.


  • This game takes place in a black background with rainbow neon glow sticks.
  • If the game ends in a draw in single-player mode, it will show 0 points in the My Record data.