Title Table Tennis Vice Beginner
Gender Female
Favorite Color White
Level Tennis: 1200 (PRO)

Baseball: 771-942

Boxing: Unknown

Swordplay: 296-300

Basketball: 746-750

Table Tennis: 26-30

Cycling: 13th out of 98 (PRO)

Average: 623

Keiko (pronounced "KAY-koh") is a CPU Mii in Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Party. She is ranked #69 out of the Wii Sports Resort CPUs, by overall skill level. Her Total Skill Level is 3258.5.

Wii Sports

Keiko is good in Baseball at 800-900+ and leads her team with Kathrin, Julie, Hayley, Ryan, Steph, Tatsuaki, Andy, and Tyrone. She plays on the Baseball teams of Michael, Jackie, Eva, Víctor, Shouta, Theo, Saburo, and Sarah. In Tennis, she is a Pro with a skill of 1200, playing with Yoko, but sometimes Andy. She doesn't play Boxing.

Wii Sports Resort

In Wii Sports Resort, her skills appear to drop, beginning with 746+ in Basketball (her teammates are Kathrin and Giovanna) being good, then being mediocre at 296+ in Swordplay and around 26 in Table Tennis. Keiko is also the second-worst at Table Tennis, only being better than Cole, then followed by Gabriele, Marco, Megan, and Steph. She is a Pro at Cycling, coming in 13th out of 98.

Wii Party

In Wii Party, Keiko is an Expert Mii.


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  • Her Japanese name is けいこ (Keiko).
    • This is identical to her English name.
  • Her Korean name is 꽃님 (Kkochnim).
  • In both Baseball and BasketballKeiko is the very first player to come after Kathrin, who she plays with in both sports.
    • They also both have white as their favorite color.
  • She's Japanese.
    • This information is assumed because of her name. Not a single Wii Sports/Wii Sports Resort Mii has a confirmed nationality.
  • Keiko appears in 10 Swordplay Showdown Stages, with her first appearance in Stage 7. She appears in stages 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, and 20.
  • Keiko is ambidextrous because she is right-handed in Tennis and Baseball Throwing, but is left-handed in Table Tennis and Baseball Batting.
  • She's the only Wii Sports CPU Mii with hair in her braids.
  • In her Wii Music artwork, she plays the Acoustic Guitar.
  • She is the only Expert Mii that has a mole.
  • She is one of the few CPU Miis to use the underhand throw in Baseball.
  • Her skill level is always above 20 and below 1210.
  • Her name means "practice" in Japanese.
  • In both Tennis and Baseball, she plays with Andy.


Wii Sports / Wii Party


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