Jen Portrait.JPG

Title None
Gender Female
Favorite Color Pink
Country Flag of Unknown.png Unknown
Level N/A
CPU Rank N/A

Jen is one of the Miis that appears in Wii Sports Resort, but not as a CPU Mii. In fact, she is a preview Mii.


  • She is the last preview Mii to appear in the September 2020 Nintendo leak.
    • Even though Jen is wearing a Wii Music outfit alongside the other preview Miis, she is no where to be seen in Wii Music or any previews or promotional pictures of said game.
  • She can be seen in the video preview of Swordplay.
  • In a promotion picture of Skydiving, her favorite color is orange.
    • This could be that she is holding hands with Will, whose favorite color is also orange.
  • In a promotion picture of Table Tennis, she can be seen playing with Ryan.
  • She, Vincenzo and Miguel are the only Miis that help you in sports, with her helping you in Wakeboarding, Vincenzo helping you in Cycling, and Miguel helping you in Island Flyover.
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