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Ice Spinners
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Wii Party U


2-4 player


"Spin around and strike a pose! Get points for each spin and for ending in a pose (20 points for posing facing foward, 10 points for posing sideways, and 1 for posing backwards).

Ice Spinners is a four-player Wii Party U Minigame.


The players skate to the middle of the Ice Rink, then prepare themselves to spin.


Spin the Wii Remote as quick as you can. The more you spin, the more points you can get. To finish it off, press A to make a pose.

If you don't press A and keep spining, the Mii will fall to the floor dizzy. If you don't press A and stop spining, the Mii will just stop in place and be sad.

If you pose while frontfacing, you get 20 points. If you pose while looking to the sides, you get 10 points. If you pose while your Mii is looking to the crowd, you get 1 point. You won't get any points if your Mii either gets dizzy and falls to the floor or just doesn't pose at all.

Record for 1st

The #1 default record for this Minigame is 42 points, set by Barbara, a Master Mii (known as Elena).


  • In the crowd, some Miis will appear more than once (An example is that there might be two Stevens or three Enriques).
  • If you don't spin the Wii Remote at all, the Mii will just stand there doing nothing.

    Like this.

  • The females have different starting poses than the males. The females hold their arm straight out while the males put their arm out in the position of a reflex angle.

    Comparison of the two.

  • Most of the Miis from the crowd will jump if you manage to pose when facing forward. This will still happen if you face towards the crowd or the sides, but less Miis will do it.
  • The finishing poses change everytime you play.

    All poses done by both Beginner and Master Miis.

  • It's possible for a Master Mii to not strike a pose. It's rare, but it happens.
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