Heart Targets
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Wii Party U


4 player


"Select only the heart shapes on the notebook. You'll lose points if you select any of the other shapes. The player with the most points after 5 rounds wins the game."

Heart Targets is an All-Play minigame in Wii Party U


All four players are looking at a notepad, and it opens to reveal a page with many coloured symbols of all shapes and sizes. Plays must point at and select hearts to score points! However, if a player selects a spade, club or diamond then they lose one point, as only hearts can give score.

After being selected, a heart disappears somehow, unlike the other symbols and once all the hearts on a page are gone it goes to the next page with more hearts to select. After 5 pages have been exhausted of hearts the player with the most points wins!


Hold the Wii Remote vertically. Point at the hearts and press A to select them.


  • This takes place inside one of the houses around the place where Pogo Battle and Balloon Boppers take place.
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    As you can see, the houses from Balloon Boppers and Pogo Battle are shown on the window.

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