Title Guillermo
Gender Male
Favorite Color Brown
Level Tennis: Unknown

Boxing: Unknown

Baseball: Teammate only

Guillermo (pronounced "gee-YER-moh") is a CPU Mii from Wii Sports Club and Wii Party U. His Total Skill Level is 21.

Wii Sports Club

He is a Baseball teammate and doesn't play Boxing or Tennis.

Wii Party U

In Wii Party U, Guillermo is a Standard Mii.


  • His Japanese name is Giierumo (ギイェルモ).
  • He is the only Wii Sports Club CPU Mii to have the hairstyle and head shape.
  • He appears as a ghost in Mario Kart 8 and according to his profile, he's American.
  • In Mario Kart 8/Deluxe his name is spelled like "Nin★Guille" because the game can only store up to 10 characters in a name.
  • He is the only CPU Mii with a soul patch.
    • Guillermo, Marius, and Bowen are the only Wii U CPU Miis to have unique type of facial hair.
  • One of his facial expressions is featured in the {{Protect}} template. This template is used to mark an article that is protected.
  • In his Wii Party U artwork, he seems to be playing Space Zappers.
  • His name is Spanish for William.


Wii Sports Club / Wii Party U
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