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Guest D
Title Guest D
Gender Female
Favorite Color Yellow
Level None

Guest D is a pre-loaded Mii available for use in titles that feature Mii support, which includes the Wii Sports games.

She has tanned skin, long black hair, black eyebrows, and her favorite color is yellow.


  • According to the July 2021 Nintendo Leak, Guest D's race is black.
  • According to her data file on the Wii, her Mii ID is 80-00-00-03 and her console ID is ec-ff-82-d2.
    • In the July 2021 leak, they are different. Her Mii ID is df-b7-14-66 and her console ID is f9-74-da-f8.
  • According to her data file on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, her Mii ID is the same as her Mii ID on the Wii, her console ID is zeroed out, and her MAC is EC-FF-82-D2-00-00.
  • If you erase a Mii that has been put in the Wii Fit Plaza in Wii Fit Plus, chances are, this Mii may appear to take that Mii's place.
  • In the WiiWare title TV Show King 2, she is given the name Nugget.
    • This might be a pun referencing her skin color, as nuggets are usually tan in color.



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