Guest B
Title Guest B
Gender Male
Favorite Color Royal Blue
Level None

Guest B is a pre-loaded Mii available for use in titles that feature Mii support, which includes Wii Sports Games, Wii Party games, SSB4/Ultimate, and other games with Mii support.

He has white skin, dark blonde hair (the same hair as Vincenzo), and blue eyes, and his favorite color is royal blue.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS

The design of the Mii Swordfighter used in promotional material and in-game renders is based on an edited version of Guest B. Of the three, the Mii Swordfighter has the least drastic change in design; simply changing the design of his hair (the same as Takumi and Frank) and widening the eye placement a bit.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Switch)

He (as a Mii swordfighter) is edited again, this time with a different hairstyle (same as Jake and Barbara, except in a different direction), hair color and his body has been made into more human-like.

The promotional Mii Swordfighter can be unlocked by saving him in World of Light's Light Realm.

Guest B himself, meanwhile, appears as an opponent in certain characters' classic modes, like Sheik's. In there, his voice is randomized.


  • He can also be a replacement Mii in Wii Fit.
  • In the WiiWare title TV Show King 2, he is given the name "Bee". This is most likely a reference to his original name being Guest B.



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