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Not to be confused with Golf Stamps, Golf Area B, Golf Area A, Golf Area C, or Quicker Chipper.

Golf is one of the five sports available for play in Wii Sports and Wii Sports Club, and one of the twelve in Wii Sports Resort. The objective of the game is to hit the Golf ball into the hole in as few shots as possible. If the ball goes out of bounds or worse, drops into the water hazard, a one-shot penalty is added and the player must take their next shot in the same position. If the player has taken the number of strokes that are three times the par score on a hole, the player will automatically be forced to give up for a +6, +8, or +10.

In Wii Sports Resort the player can advance to Pro Class, and then to Superstar Class if the player gets a theoretical score.

Wii Sports

Golf in Wii Sports.

The Wii Sports edition of Golf has nine holes. There are three difficulties, each with three holes. You can also choose all nine. The difficulties are beginner, intermediate, and expert.

Golf Clubs (arranged from shortest to longest range)

1. Putter (up to 30yd)

2. Wedge (up to 75yd)

3. Iron (up to 115yd)

4. Driver (up to 205yd)

Wii Sports Resort

Golf in Wii Sports Resort.

Golf in Wii Sports Resort is the same as the original, except the game now forces you to press B before you hit.

Wii Sports Club

The Wii Sports Resort edition of Golf features 18 golf courses: Nine "resort" courses (courses that debuted in Wii Sports Resort) and nine "classic" courses (which were first featured in Wii Sports), along with special courses for regular and Frisbee® Golf.

There are also more golf clubs to choose from (arranged from shortest to longest range):

1. Putter (max. 35yd, approx. 30m)

2. Wedge (max. 80yd, approx. 75m)

3. 9 Iron (max. 100yd, approx. 90m)

4. 7 Iron (max. 135yd, approx. 125m)

5. 5 Iron (max. 155yd, approx. 140m)

6. 3 Iron (max. 175yd, approx. 160m)

7. 3 Wood/Spoon (max. 200yd, approx. 180m)

8. Driver (max. 250yd, approx. 230m)


Wii Sports

  1. Beginner (holes one to three)
  2. Intermediate (holes four to six)
  3. Expert (holes seven to nine)
  4. 9-hole game (every hole)

Wii Sports Resort

3-hole game

  1. Resort A (holes one to three)
  2. Resort B (holes four to six)
  3. Resort C (holes seven to nine)
  4. Classic A (holes ten to 12)
  5. Classic B (holes 13 to 15)
  6. Classic C (holes 16 to 18)
  7. Special (holes 19 to 21)

9-hole game

  1. Resort (holes one to nine)
  2. Classic (holes ten to 18)

18-hole game (excluding Special holes)

Wii Sports Club

3-hole game

  • Lakeside Course A
  • Lakeside Course B
  • Lakeside Course C

9-hole game

  • Lakeside
  • Classic
  • Resort

18-hole game

  • Lakeside/Classic Course
  • Resort/Lakeside Course
  • Classic/Resort Course

Wind Meter

The wind meter tells you how much the wind is blowing. In a 9-hole game, the wind blows at a completely random number. The wind depends on the difficulty on a 3-hole game, like in beginner, the wind blows 0 to 10 miles per hour. Here are some other wind blowing difficulties:

*Intermediate = 10 to 20 mph/5 to 10 m/s*

*Expert = 20 to 30 mph/10 to 15 m/s*

The wind does not blow on any odd numbers unless the wind meter is measuring the wind in m/s.

Theoretical Score

The theoretical score is the best score possible because it depends on the 9-hole courses and the highest ranks there are in them. These are the current theoretical scores in each Wii Sports game:

Wii Sports = -22

Wii Sports Resort = -21

Wii Sports Club = -21

Out Of Bounds/Water Hazard

In all games, two strokes will be used (therefore a one-shot penalty) instead of one when the ball goes out of bounds or drops into a water hazard.

  • In Wii Sports, if the ball goes Out Of Bounds or drops into the Water Hazard, there will be a crowd groaning and a buzzer will go off. The way the crowd in the first installment of Wii Sports groans is much quieter than how the crowd does when the ball is lost in a Water Hazard or is Out Of Bounds in the two other installments of Wii Sports.
  • In Wii Sports Resort, when going Out Of Bounds, the crowd will groan and the buzzer will go off at the same time. When the ball drops in the Water Hazard in the Wii Sports Resort, the offscreen crowd will groan before the buzzer goes off.
  • The same crowd from Wii Sports Resort will be heard when the ball falls into the Water Hazard in Wii Sports Club. The same crowd from Wii Sports Resort will not be heard when the ball goes Out Of Bounds in Wii Sports Club. The buzzer is the only sound to be heard when the ball is Out Of Bounds in Wii Sports Club.
  • The ball falling off the cliff and in the water in the first intermediate course (which is the 4th hole) in the first installment of Wii Sports is also considered Out Of Bounds.
    • The same goes with the ball landing onto the sand near the water in the second intermediate course (which is the 5th hole) in Wii Sports.


  • Following the wind speeds can help the player win. Watch the wind speeds on the top left corner and line the shot up and shoot.


  • In the Wii Sports Resort version, there is an unlockable stage for Three holes: the Special course.
  • This, and Bowling are the only sports to be featured in every Wii Sports game (Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Sports Club.)
  • The Nine holes in Wii Sports Golf are 3D versions of the holes in the NES game Golf.
  • When the screen turns black after the warning screen for a game of Golf, hold 2 and the power meter, map, and wind speed will no longer appear.
  • In Wii Sports, the maximum confirmed skill level the player can achieve without hacks is 2868.
  • In Hole 5 in Wii Sports (or Classic Hole 5 for Wii Sports Resort) there is a hidden castle sitting amongst some trees.
  • On the 7th hole for the lakeside courses in Wii Sports Club, the Wii U logo appears in the water.

    You can see the whole thing in the map, and only the W when looking at Michael golfing.

  • It is possible that a glitch will happen with all clubs except the putter: It will be impossible for the club to hit the ball and the player will have to use the putter.
  • On the course selection screen in Wii Sports, the practice hole from Target Practice appears in the preview, however the hole isn't playable.
  • In Wii Sports, the closest the ball can go without going in the hole is 0.5 feet. (0.1524 meters)
  • The highest wind speed possible without hacks is 30 miles per hour.
  • The Special course is the only course that is absent from Wii Sports Club.
  • If the ball is ten feet (3.048 meters) or closer to the hole, the crowd will say, "Whoa!"
    • The crowd will also do this if the ball hits the flag.
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