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HEYimHeroic 3DS FACE-079 Giulia
Title None
Gender Female
Favorite Color Yellow
Level Tennis: Level ★7

Baseball: Level ★7

Boxing: Level ★4

Giulia (pronounced "JOOL-yah") is a CPU Mii from Wii Sports Club and Wii Party U. She is ranked #14 out of the Wii Sports Club CPUs, by overall skill level, tied with David, Joost, and Pedro. Her Total Skill Level is 220. She is ranked #19 in rankings, tied with Donna and Xue-Ren.

Wii Sports Club

In both Tennis and Baseball, she is a Pro at Grade ★7. In Boxing, she is also a Pro at Grade ★4.

Wii Party U

In Wii Party U, Giulia is an Expert Mii.


  • Her Japanese name is ジュリア (Juria).
  • In the data files of Miitopia, she's listed as Child.
  • According to her Mario Kart 8 profile, she's Italian.
  • Giulia was featured in a Japanese promotional video for Streetpass Mii Plaza. In it, she states she is from Italy.
  • She was in Miiverse promotions, but her outfit is orange there even though her favorite color is yellow. It was probably a beta version of her.
  • She appears on the Nintendo Account creation page next to Ji-hoon.
  • Giulia is always a Pro.


Wii Sports Club / Wii Party U
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