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Garden Gridlock
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Wii Party


1 Player


"Place each Mii so that it will pick up a watering can, and walk to a plant to make it bloom. There are 30 stages in all. After you've cleared a stage, you can replay it whenever you want."

Garden Gridlock is a challenge minigame in Wii Party.

Guide each Mii next to a watering can so that it can walk to a plant and make it bloom. You'll find 30 stages in all!

Stage Elements

  • Mii - Must be placed on the board. Must walk to the watering can then to the flower. Walks in the direction it faces.
  • Turn Tiles - Changes the direction the Mii walks when the Mii walks over it.
  • Switch Button - Flips all Turn Tiles in the opposite direction.
  • Glass - Cracks when the Mii walks on it. Shatters when it is walked on again.
  • Watering Can - Must be picked up by a Mii and taken to a flower to water it.
  • Flower Pot - Must be reached by a Mii with a watering can.
  • Teleporter - Teleports a Mii to a different teleporter of the same colour.
  • Spring - Lauches a Mii over a space when stepped on.
  • Fire Totem - Blocks certain areas and must be turned off (via the off switch) to further progress.
  • Moving Platform - Allows Miis to travel across an expanse when stepped on.


When a Mii falls off the side, they will look surprised and start plummeting down.

When a Mii bumps into another Mii, they will fall over, dizzy.

When a Mii reaches a plant without a watering can, they will become sorrow.

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