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GamePad Island
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Wii Party U


2-4 players


"You're in for an Island Adventure in GamePad Island! In this board game, you get to use the GamePad as a device to "roll the dice" and play games to move ahead."

Overview of the entire board

GamePad Island is a TV Party mode in Wii Party U.


There are Minigames played on the GamePad which determine the results of the rolls.

The game will start off by giving player 1 the first turn. They will roll a dice in order to move ahead. Then, the other players will do the same.

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20200618 051409.jpg

After everyone takes their first turn, the game that they will play will change in difficulty and what kind of Minigame it is. The closer they are from the finish, the harder it is to get a good roll.

20200618 051715.jpg

They will also have to face challenges in order to continue on with the board. If they fail, they have to go back a space.

20200618 052401.jpg

There are also a total of 3 Minigame balloons. The players have to walk into them in order to use them after the turn ends. If one of them goes over it, they will not obtain it again.

  • 1st = 5 spaces
  • 2nd = 3 spaces
  • 3rd = 2 spaces
  • 4th = 1 space
    20200618 052415.jpg
    20200618 052431.jpg

There's also a bridge that will wobble when it has one player standing on it and will throw the players off it when there's two on it. The player(s) will be thrown off of into an area they must complete to get to the island again.

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20200618 054600.jpg

After someone gets close to the end, instead of it being chosen at random, the game will let the player in last choose which game will decide how many spaces they move.

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If they reach the final challenge and finish it perfectly, they will win.

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20200618 055210.jpg

Dice Types

  • Standard Roll: A normal 1-6 die roll.
  • Add 'Em Up: The player rolls a blue die and 1-3 red die. The blue die has numbers 1-6, and the red die has numbers -2-0. More red dice are added on harder difficulties.
  • Cannon Blast: A cannon is shot and the player moves whichever number the cannonball lands on. In harder difficulties, the numbers are more scattered.
  • Pinball Push: The player shoots a pinball and moves which number the pinball goes into. The numbers are more random in harder difficulties, and there is a 0 added in the Very Hard difficulty.
  • In The Balance: The player has to take off fruits and the amount of spaces the player goes depends on the total weight of the remaining fruits. Heavier fruits are added in harder difficulties.
  • Beaker Sneak: The player has to pour out water from the beaker. In harder difficulties, the beaker gets smaller.
  • Trick Cups: The player chooses a cup and moves that many spaces. The cups go faster in harder difficulties, and there is a 0 cup in the Hard and Very Hard difficulties.
  • Air Darts: The player gets five shots to shoot darts at balloons. They move depending on which balloon they popped first. The balloons fly up faster in harder difficulties.
  • Card Tapper: The player has one chance to tap a card. They move that many spaces. If they miss the card, they don't get to move. In harder difficulties, the cards move more randomly.
  • Balloon Blowup: The player has to blow up a balloon. If they blow it up too much, they pop the balloon and don't move at all. Harder difficulties have slimmer balloons.


Challenge #1

In this challenge, a player will turn the Wii U GamePad around so it's facing opposite of them. They will then have to use the television as a guide to show how what they are drawing. They need to trace the zig-zag line in a limited time.

Rachel about to do the first challenge.

Challenge #2

The player will do the same thing as the first challenge, except with a circle to be drawn.

Rachel about to do the second challenge.

Challenge #3

In here, the player will step upon the Cave of Conundrums, where they must pick one of three pathways in order to advance further. One of them is correct, the other two have bats that will throw their Mii out of the cave(This is the only challenge that does not require tracing a certain shape to advance further.).

Rachel about to do the third challenge.

Rachel inside the cave.

Final Challenge

In this final challenge, the player will need to be cautious and quick. They draw a swirl.

Rachel about to do the final challenge.

Rachel reaching the end.


  • It is the only TV Party mode that doesn’t have CPU Miis.
  • There is a flock of birds that appears near the ending that will fly away once you get near it. Only two black birds with big beaks will not leave until you succeed or fail in the last challenge.
    20200501 181934.jpg
    • There is also a bird seen after clearing the first challenge. After passing by it, it will fly away and will never appear again.
      20200501 182949.jpg
  • When a player's turn ends and another player's turn begins, when the screen fades back to normal, chances are that the first player will be looking to the side.
    20200501 183829.jpg
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