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Fruit or Scare
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Wii Party U


2-4 players


60 seconds (1 minute)


"You'll only have a moment to see which boxes are filled with apples! Open up to three boxes, but avoid the ones filled with spiders. You'll lose points if you pick a spider-filled box. Eek!

Fruit or Scare is a 4-player Minigame in Wii Party U.


The camera will pan over from looking at some trees to looking at some open boxes in rows of 5. Some boxes will be filled with apples, and others will be filled with spiders.


You only have a few seconds to memorize where the apples and spiders are. Press the D-Pad to move around and press 2 to open a box of apples.

Try to aim for the boxes with the most apples. You will lose 3 points if you open a box with a spider in it.

In Spot the Sneak, if the sneak stands in front of a box which has apples in it, their Wii Remote will rumble, and the more apples a box has, the more the Wii Remote rumbles.


All players preform their respective poses when the minigame ends. Then the camera will pan over to show the top of the boxes. The boxes will open to show what the players didn't get.


  • You have the chance to move your character around the wooden floor where it's standing on at the start before the announcer goes ahead and says "Start!". There will be an invisible barrier preventing you from going anywhere away from it until the announcer says it.

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