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Frisbee® is one of the 12 sports available for play in Wii Sports Resort. The game uses the Wii Remote to play. The player uses the Wii Remote to launch Frisbees. There are two versions of this game: Frisbee Dog, and Frisbee Golf.

Frisbee Dog.

Frisbee Dog is a game of Frisbee where the player launches their Frisbee to the center of a circle and has a dog catch the Frisbee. The player gets 100 points when the dog catches the frisbee in the purple circle, 50 points if the dog catches the frisbee in the orange circle, and 10 points if the dog catches the frisbee in the green circle. Also, in your first five tries, if you get 400 points or more, you get a 100-point balloon instead of a 50-point one for your sixth try. If you get less than 400 points, you get the 50-point balloon, which is orange.

There are 10 tries in total. The last five tries will have a balloon for the player to pop using their Frisbee.


Good Dog

Throw the Frisbee right into the center of the target area to make the dog jump up and grab it out of the air. This is more of an accomplishment for the dog...

Balloon Animal

During practice, pop all 9 balloons in ten throws or less. After ten throws, any remaining balloons are replaced with nine new ones.

A for Effort

Score 10 points with each of your 10 throws to get this stamp. That means hitting the green 10-point zone every time. It's at least as hard as aiming for the bulls-eye! You can't get this stamp in team play.

Perfect Target

Hit the center of the target area and score 100 points with all ten of your throws. Extra points scored by popping balloons don't count. You can't get this stamp in team play.

Golden Arm

Score 100 points with every throw and pop every balloon. That'll get you an astonishing 1,500 points. You can't get this stamp in team play.

Frisbee Golf.

Frisbee Golf is a game that is the same as normal Golf, except with a frisbee. The objective of the game is to throw the frisbee into the target in as few shots as possible. If the frisbee goes out of bounds or into a water hazard, a one-shot penalty is added and the player must take their next shot in the same position. If the player has taken the number of strokes that is three times the par score on any hole, the player will automatically give up for a +6, +8, or +10 on their overage. It uses the 21 different Golf courses that Golf also uses. The player can also choose whether to play a three-hole game, a nine-hole game, an eighteen-hole game, or the special holes.

What is the same about Frisbee Golf as the normal Golf in Wii Sports Resort is:

  • The offscreen people groaning and the buzzer going off are heard at the same time when the Frisbee goes Out Of Bounds.
  • The offscreen people groan before the buzzer goes off when the Frisbee drops into a Water Hazard.
  • The par scores are the same as the similar holes. And the player automatically gives up after taking the number of shots three times than the par score.

What is different about Frisbee Golf from the normal Golf is:

  • Frisbee golf uses the Frisbee to play Golf.
  • The "hole" is much bigger, increasing the chance of getting a Hole in one.
  • The "hole" is a large beaming light and covers most of the green.
  • The driver cannot go as far as a Golf driver, and a Putter cannot go as far as a golf putter.

There are three different Frisbees to choose from when playing the game:

  • Driver - Frisbee that can go an average of 180 yards and at a maximum of 300 yards.
  • Midrange - Frisbee that can go an average of 90 yards and at a maximum of 175 yards.
  • Putter - Frisbee that can go an average of 30 yards and at a maximum of 75 yards.


Under Par

Finish 3-, 9-, or 18-hole course under par. A score of 0 is par. A score of -1 or less is under par. You can't earn this stamp in a team-play match.

Lucky Skip

Get this stamp when a Frisbee bound for water hazard skips across the surface of the water and lands safely on the other side.

On a Roll

To pull off a "roll-in," throw your Frisbee from outside the green, hit the ground, and roll it into the goal. It sounds tough, and it's even tougher than you think.

Hole in One

Throw the Frisbee into the target area in just one throw. The target is a tower of light rather than a tiny hole, so it's a lot easier to do than in classic golf... but still not easy!

Straight and Narrow

Play an 18-hole round of Frisbee Golf without throwing any discs out of bounds or into a water hazard. You can't get this stamp in team play.


  • When doing the Balloon Challenge in Frisbee Dog, press A and 2 to pop all nine of the balloons at once. This trick even works with the 50-point balloons and the 100-point balloons.
  • If you throw the frisbee way off from the target, the dog will have a disappointed look when it brings the frisbee back.
  • Each player has a different colored dog.
    • Player 1 has a tan dog.
    • Player 2 has a grey dog.
    • Player 3 has a golden dog.
    • Player 4 has a brown dog.
  • Beta UI

    At E3 2008, there used to be a UI completely different than Frisbee in the final game. It was also originally called "Disc Dog".