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Friend Connection

Stéphanie and Misaki about to play Friend Connection.



Wii Party


2 players



Friend Connection is a Pair Game mode for 2 players in Wii Party.

In this game, you have to answer five questions and then finish a Pair Minigame(rank A, B, C or D) to test if the players have the best pair or the worst pair.

Possible questions

What direction do you prefer?

What would be the most fun to own?

What's your favorite football position?

Who would win in a race?

Would you rather visit the north pole or south pole?

When do you eat the cherry on top in dessert?

Would you rather go skiing or snowboarding?

Which would you rather build?

Which ocean would you rather swim in?

Would you rather have a movie or book written about your life?

Would you rather have rain just cats or just dogs?

Would you rather eat raw fish or raw vegetables?

Which superpower would you most like to have?

Which food could you easily eat every day for a week?

Which would you rather meet?

Would you rather slay a dragon or ride a dragon?


Wrong answers/Rank D in minigame = 0

Right answers for first 3 questions = 8

Right answers for the 4th question = 14

Right answers for the 5th question = 20

Rank C in a minigame = 18

Rank B in a minigame = 30

Rank A in a minigame = 42


0. Worlds Apart

8. Strangers

14. Just Met

16. Mismatch

18. Debatable Duo

20. Prickly Pair

22. Getting There

24. Friendlyish

26. Friendly

28. Kinda Chums

30. Maybe Mateys

32. Potential Pals

34. Budding Buds

36. Same Page

38. Associates

40. Teammates

42. Sidekicks

44. Companions

46. Allies

48. Comrades

50. Confidants

52. Almost Pals

54. Almost Buds

56. Pals

58. Buddies

60. Friends

62. Old Pals

64. Old Buddies

66. Old Friends

68. Good Pals

70. Good Buddies

72. Good Friends

74. Great Pals

76. Great Buddies

78. Great Friends

80. Best Pals

84. Best Buddies

86. Perfect Pals

88. Two of a Kind

92. Peas in a Pod

100. Best Friends

Default Scores in Friend Connection

The first ten pairs are the best, the last ten pairs are the worst.

  1. Lucía and Matt (70 points)
  2. Akira and Yoko (68 points)
  3. Steph and Takumi (66 points)
  4. Sakura and Tyrone (64 points)
  5. Emma and Víctor (60 points)
  6. Hayley and Jackie (58 points)
  7. Eva and Pierre (56 points)
  8. Rachel and Theo (52 points)
  9. Rin and Silke (50 points)
  10. Keiko and Martin (48 points)
  11. Steve and Yoshi (46 points)
  12. Ai and Chris (44 points)
  13. Maria and Shouta (42 points)
  14. Ashley and Mike (40 points)
  15. Anna and Sarah (38 points)
  16. Jessie and Luca (36 points)
  17. Alex and Andy (34 points)
  18. Haru and James (30 points)
  19. Miyu and Saburo (28 points)
  20. Abby and Tatsuaki (26 points)


  • The Advanced Miis aren't ranked in this game mode at all. Same goes for The Miis who debut in Wii Sports Resort.


  • If two players gets the best pair and re-enter, Party Phil will say the best pair in second-person with their friend connection score.
  • The starter Miis for the best pair are Matt and Lucía (scoring 70/good buddies) while the starter Miis for the worst pair are Tatsuaki and Abby (scoring 26/friendly).
    • If two players get the worst pair and re-enter, Party Phil will say the worst pair score in third-person. He quickly adds "I'm expecting a good score this time!"
    • If two other players gets the best pair and/or the worst pair, Party Phil will say the best and worst pair in third-person.
  • The following Pair Minigame are excluded in Friend Connection: Flashlight Frights/Torchlit Terror, Color Coordination, Pump Cart Panic, Teamwork Temple, Rodent Rundown and Clover Hunt since they can't have different rankings. Pair Minigames that appear can be ranked due to how many points they get or how fast they can be done with.
  • On the menu, as well as in the rules, the CPUs shown playing are Chris and Emily.
    • The CPUs shown playing in the preview picture are Steve and Abby.
  • Upon being given their score, depending on the results, the pair of Miis will react positively or negatively, and perform one of the following animations:
    • If their score is 0, the Miis will punch the ground.
    • If their score is less than 30, the Miis will sulk.
    • If their score is between 30 and 50, they will just stand there with a sad expression.
    • If their score is between 50 and 65, they will smile, jump, wave and clap.
    • If their score is between 65 and 100, they will do a short dance. There are three variants of the dance.
    • If their score is 100, they will perform a longer dance, that features the pair dancing in a circle and high-fiving each other.
  • If the pair does very poorly and gets a D in the minigame, when jumping out of the heart they will fall and act dizzy for a second, before getting up and running on to the platform.
  • Even with the maximum score, Party Phil will still say to the #1 pair that he expects a great score from them, as if you could do greater than 100, but you can't.
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