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Not to be confused with Challenge Minigames.

Freeplay Challenge is a mode in Wii Party U. The player(s) compete in Minigames that are harder than their regular counterparts.

Freeplay Challenges in Wii Party U

Minigame Gameplay

Minigame rules are the same. However, most of them continue until a criteria is met. There are events in these that will make them harder as well.

  • Balloon Boppers: The game goes until the player's balloon is popped by an opponent.
  • Snap Judgement: There are a hundred rounds. If the player makes a mistake, they lose.
  • Big Bang Blasters: The game lasts for ten rounds instead of three.
  • Demolition Row: There are ten rounds, with smaller blocks, and a block with a star on it which gives a player 5 points when knocked down.
  • Apple Scramble: If the player is hit by a spike ball, the game ends.
"Oh, no! Why is Freeplay Challenge still under construction?"

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