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Freeplay Challenge is a mode in Wii Party U.

Freeplay Challenges in Wii Party U

These are the freeplay modes available:

How to play Freeplay Challenges

Minigame rules are the same. For example, the same rules for Apple Scramble apply to the Freeplay Apple Scramble. Only, most of the freeplay challenges continue until different criteria are met.

  • Freeplay Balloon Boppers: The game goes until the player's balloon is popped by an opponent.
  • Freeplay Snap Judgement: Unlike the All-Play version, instead of 10 rounds, it goes up to 100 rounds and the player is disqualified on the first mistake they make.
  • Freeplay Big Bang Blasters: The game lasts for 10 rounds instead of 3.
  • Freeplay Demolition Row:

For most Freeplay Challenges, as the player progresses, different events will make the challenge harder.

"Oh, no! Why is Freeplay Challenge still under construction?"

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