Free Run is an Aerobics activity in Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus and Wii Fit U.

You have a certain amount of time to jog as far as you can around the island.

Activity Level

You can choose for how long you can jog for. There are three choices for how long to jog:

  • Duration (10min)
  • Duration (20min)
  • Duration (30min)

Jogging for 30 minutes is certainly harder than 20 or 10, due to your legs starting to hurt after a while. While it is hard, it isn't impossible.


  • It is possible to score over 3.2 mi. or 2 full island laps in 10 minutes.
    • However, it is very hard to score that high.
  • You may get tired at the end, especially if the duration is longer.
  • Not many people can do the entire 30-minute run.
  • Someone once scored 3.330 mi. in 10 minutes.
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