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Air Sports

Game(s) seen in Wii Sports Resort

Wii Fit Plus

The Footbridge (aka Bridge under the Falls) is a small bridge located right under the Swaying Bridge. You can see this bridge in Cycling and Island Flyover, as well as Swordplay Showdown stages 7 and 17. To add to that, you can see it many times in the Wii Fit series!


Island Flyover Information:

  • Daytime: “When it’s windy, you can get drenched by the waterfall mist!”
  • Evening: “Occasionally, the bridge will get washed away after a big storm.”
  • Night: “On a hot night, people hang out on the bridge to cool off.”
  • The actual IPoint is under the bridge instead of atop it, making it harder to get to.
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