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Flock Shot
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Wii Party U


2-4 Player


15 seconds


"Try to take a picture that includes as many birds as possible. But you can only take one shot, so wait for the perfect moment."

Flock Shot is a 4-Player Wii Party U Minigame.


The four Miis get ready to take a picture of the flock of birds. Then they turn around to do so.


Press A to take a picture of the birds. You can only take 1 shot, so wait for the perfect moment. Try to take a photo that includes as many birds as possible.

In Spot the Sneak, the sneak's Wii Remote will rumble before the greatest number of birds appear on the screen.


  • This game is very similar to Smile Snap from Wii Party, where you have to wait for the right moment to take a picture to get more points.
  • If a Mii hasn't taken a picture yet and the timer is about to reach 0, chances are, a flock of birds, big or small, will appear in the background.
    • They could appear in the shape of a heart.
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    • A flock will also sometimes appear in the background even if the timer isn't about to reach 0.
  • The color of birds that appear are Light Blue, Lime, Yellow, Black, Red and Purple.
    • Some of the birds also have different hairstyles and beaks, as well as different legs.
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  • Just like the picture taking minigames from the first Wii Party, if you don't take a picture, you will be left with nothing but a gray picture showing nothing.
  • Sometimes, when they land on the ground, the birds will hop.

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