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Fishing is the seventh of nine games found in Wii Play. It is unlocked after attempting the previous game, Billiards.


Players use their Wii Remote to move the fishing rod around the lake. Once the fish has come to nibble on the hook, players have to yank it in almost immediately to avoid the fish escaping. Each fish takes a certain time to catch and has a specific value, and a "bonus" icon appears at the top to show which fish earns extra points, if they catch it, it is worth double the points. There is one fish, the Small Fry, which subtracts 50 points from your score. The Wii Remote will still vibrate, but don’t yank up!


  • Hold the Wii Remote vertically.
  • Move your fishing line by tilting the Wii Remote.
  • Yank your Wii Remote up to cast in a fish.

Types of fish encountered

  • Small Fry = -50 points
  • Plain Ol' Fish = 50-60 points
  • Nibbler = 90-120 points
  • Touchy Fish = 150-200 points
  • King of the Pond = 320-350 points
  • Mystery Fish (rare) = 230-250 points