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Expert Difficulty is a CPU rank in Wii Party and Wii Party U.


Expert Difficulty is unlocked after winning Board Game Island in Advanced Difficulty. The difficulty is harder than the previous three difficulties, Beginner, Standard and Advanced, yet easier than the highest difficulty level, Master.


Wii Party

Top row: Rin, Jake, Greg, Keiko, David, Shinta, Rachel, Hayley, Midori, and Sandra.

Bottom row: Theo, Gabi, Silke, Rainer, Kentaro, Martin, Eduardo, Susana, Shinnosuke and Eva.

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Wii Party U

Top row; Akira, André, Claudia, Dunbar, Eduardo, Giulia, Hyun-woo, Jesús, Leonel, Léonie, and Marie.

Bottom row: Marit, Matt, Mizuho, Mónica, Paula, Pavel, Skip, Sophia, Steven, Xixi and Zi-Kai.

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