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058 Eva.JPG
Title None
Gender Female
Favorite Color Black
Level Tennis: 1800 (PRO)

Baseball: 821 to 1033 (Sometimes PRO)

Boxing: 1305 to 1487 (PRO)

Swordplay: 1136 to 1140 (PRO)

Basketball: 1481 to 1485 (PRO)

Table Tennis: 116 to 120

Cycling: 20th out of 98 (PRO)

Average: 1111+

CPU Rank Expert Difficulty

Eva is a CPU Mii from Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Party. She is ranked #6 out of the Wii Sports Resort CPUs, by overall skill level. Her Total Skill Level is 9133, higher than all Miis except for Pierre.

Wii Sports

In Tennis, Eva is a top Pro, being the 5th best player with a skill level of 1800. She usually plays with Maria, but sometimes she plays with Tyrone.

In Baseball, she is sometimes a Pro at a skill level of 821 to 1033. Her team consists of Jackie, Michael, Keiko, Kathrin, Julie, Hayley, Ryan, and Steph. She plays on the Baseball teams of Víctor, Shouta, Theo, Saburo, Sarah, Emily, Rin, and Hiroshi.

In Boxing, she is another top Pro, being the 5th best player with a skill level of 1305 to 1487 points.

Wii Sports Resort

In Swordplay, Eva is a Pro at a skill level of 1136 to 1140. She is one of the three Miis that wear Black Armor in Stage 10 of Swordplay Showdown, along with Abe and the Boss Gabriele.

In Basketball, Eva is a top Pro and Vice-Champion at a skill level is 1481 to 1485. She plays on the Champion Tommy's team along with Tyrone.

However, in Table Tennis, she isn't very good, being the 8th worst player at a skill level of 116 to 120.

She is a Pro at Cycling, coming in 20th out of 98.

Overall, Eva is one of the best Miis.

Armors that Eva uses in Swordplay Showdown

Stage Armor
Bridge No Armor
Lighthouse No Armor
Beach Gold Armor
Mountain Green Armor
Forest Gold Armor
Ruins Green Armor
Waterfall Green Armor
Cliffs Green Armor
Castle No Armor
Volcano Black Armor (Lanky)
Bridge Reverse No Armor
Lighthouse Reverse Gold Armor
Beach Reverse No Armor
Mountain Reverse Red Armor
Forest Reverse Gold Armor
Ruins Reverse No Armor
Waterfall Reverse Green Armor
Cliffs Reverse No Armor
Castle Reverse No Armor
Volcano Reverse Gold Armor

Wii Party

In Wii Party, Eva is in Expert Difficulty.

  • In Friend Connection, she and Pierre are in 7th place in Best Pairs with 56 points (Pals).
  • In Balance Boat, she and Rachel are in 10th place in Double Up Expert with 8 Miis balanced.
    • She is also in 3rd place in Time Attack Intermediate with Ian with 20 Miis balanced in 0:45.9.
  • In Spring Time, she is in 2nd place with a time of 0:27.0.

Wii Music

  • In her Wii Music artwork, she plays the Timbale drums.

Names in Different Languages

Japanese: エバ (Eba)
Korean: 에바 (Eba)

(Her Japanese and Korean names are the same.)


  • According to the September 2020 Nintendo leak about CPU Miis, Eva's nationality is Spanish. You can find the leak here.
    • Eva's image from the September 2020 Nintendo leak. Notice the different favorite color.

      The same leak shows that Eva's favorite color used to be red, instead of black like in her final design.
  • According to the Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort files, Eva's Internal ID is 058.
    • This means she was the second-to-last Mii to be added to Wii Sports. Lucía is the only one thereafter to debut in Wii Sports.
  • Eva has the second-highest Total Skill Level, with 9133, Pierre being the only one better than Eva.
    • She and Pierre are also the only Miis whose Total Skill Levels are over 9000.
  • Eva appears in 12 Swordplay Showdown stages. She appears in stages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 17, and 20.
    • She never wears Purple Armor in any of her appearences.
    • She does act like one though, in Stage 10. In Swordplay Showdown, Eva appears in Black Armor along with Abe and the Boss Gabriele. She is very defensive and rarely strikes.
  • Even though Eva doesn't have glasses, a mole, or a mustache, she does not use the default values for these features; her glasses are blue and are moved down by three stages, her mole is moved three stages to the right, and the mustache is moved up by two stages. Apart from the glasses and mole, this could suggest that she was originally planned to be a male Mii because no female Mii has any facial hair, but she was changed to a female.
  • Eva is ambidextrous because she is left-handed in Tennis and Baseball, but is right-handed in Table Tennis and Basketball.
  • She is one of the couple CPU Miis to throw underhanded in Baseball.
  • In Wii Party, She is in the controls section of Zombie Tag in Wii Party, along with Marco, Hiroshi, and Rachel.
  • Eva has a 15% chance of being a Pro in Baseball if the player's skill level is between 851 and 884 points.
  • She is the best female opponent in Basketball, to debut in Wii Sports.


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