Wii Sports Wiki

Wii Sports has many Easter Eggs to do many different visual differences. These are Button Inputs. Certain Button Inputs are:

In Tennis, hold 2, and select OK. Then. you will play on a blue Tennis court (Also the training court).

In Baseball, when pitching, press 2. Then, as you pitch, your Mii will throw underhand.

In Bowling, you can change the color of your ball by holding down on a part of the D-Pad. (Up for blue, left for red, down for green, and right for yellow)

In Golf, hold 1 and 2 before the game, and select OK. You then will play without any hints on how to hit the ball (No map, no wind meter icon, etc.)

In Boxing, the player must beat Matt to do this. The way to do it is hold 2, and press OK. Then, the game will give you silver gloves, just like Matt's gloves.